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It is my pleasure to have the amazing author Evie Hunter on the blog today!! If you have been following me for a while you know that I adore The Pleasures series. They are amazing and fresh and I can't get enough. So today we have the soundtrack to the latest book, The Pleasures of Spring. Aswell as the amazing publishers have ONE copy of the book to giveaway. And yes it is WORLDWIDE!!!!!!!!! 

Title: The Pleasures of Spring
Series: Pleasures #4
Author: Evie Hunter
Genre: Erotica, Romance
Publisher: Penguin
Published: 24th April 2014

Roz Spring is an actress and a chameleon, the kind of woman who always lands on her feet. But even Roz can't talk her way out of witnessing a murder, and she must go into hiding before the murderer comes for her. 

Andy McTavish has turned his back on a life of privilege to prove himself in the world of international security. Tall, dark and dangerous, Andy is the ultimate seducer who has never met a woman who can tame him.

Roz needs his protection and, to get his family off his back, Andy needs a fake fiancĂ©e. The solution is obvious: pretend to be a couple. Getting up close and personal won't be hard, as the chemistry between them is electrifying. 

As two practiced charmers drive each other beyond the limits of sensual endurance, they find their usual defences are no good. When the barriers come crashing down, a raw passion emerges that neither wants to admit.

They know that when the murderer shows his hand, they will face a fight for life and freedom. And if they survive, what will happen when the need to pretend is over?

The Pleasures of Spring is the latest sizzling standalone novel from Evie Hunter whose trademark combination is an addictive erotic story and a page-turning plot. If you're an Evie fan, you won't be disappointed. And if you're new to Evie, well, you're in for quite the delicious treat...

The Pleasures Soundtrack
Every writer has at least a million excuses for not writing. It can be the best job or the worst job in the world, depending on how you’re feeling. As someone who also works 9-5, coming home to write after a stressful day is tough. 

We all have our tips and tricks to help us zone into another world. Some like silence, one friend writes in McDonalds, another slaps on a pair of headphones to drown out the noise of the kids and listens to heavy metal while she works. 

I have a friend who writes screenplays. He imagines that he’s watching his movie on the big screen and listening to the soundtrack. It helps him focus and become totally immersed in what he’s doing. Like him, I use music to help me relax, especially if I have to write a heavy emotional scene or a kinky sex scene. I’ll light a scented candle, put on my favourite tracks and let the music take me. 

These are a selection of songs that entertained me while writing The Pleasures of Spring. 

(Please read on for the amazing soundtrack put together by the author. However, there are some slight spoilers! - Siobhan)

Daft Punk – Get Lucky
Following her encounter with Hall, Roz escapes across the rooftops of London. She can’t go home and needs to get out of England fast. Help comes in the offer of a job from her godfather, Frankie Fletcher. Roz takes her motorbike and rides to the ferry. 

You don’t know my name – Alicia Keys
Or in her case, Andy doesn’t know the real Roz Spring. They have an online relationship at first, with Andy flirting like crazy to get her attention. Roz becomes intrigued by the hot Irishman who’s been featuring in her (x-rated) dreams. 

Theme from Harry’s Game – Clannad
This is an oldie but very evocative. Roz has avoided going to Ireland all her life. To her, it’s the place she lost her mother and her sister. But her time on the movie set in the ancient woods surrounding Charleville Castle makes her change her mind. And when she goes to Lough Darra, she feels that she’s come home.

Down Low by R Kelly
Don’t fuck the client is the #1 rule if you’re a bodyguard, but Andy McTavish can’t resist bending the rules a little. Roz challenges him more than any woman he’s ever met. It may be a fake engagement, but there is nothing fake about how she makes him feel.

Avicii – Addicted to You
When the attraction between them catches fire, Roz knows she’s in trouble. This relationship with Andy can’t last. She’s fighting the urge to fall for him but it’s a losing battle.

Halo by Beyonce
At Andy’s home in Lough Dara, Roz meets Ariana. She’s educated, wealthy and beautiful – everything that Roz isn’t. Worse still, she’s Andy’s former girlfriend and she wants him back. When Roz dances at the party, trying to show Andy that she doesn’t give a damn about him, this is the song that she dances to.

Let her Go by Passenger
After the ball, Roz disappears. As Andy searches for her he is haunted by the words of this song. He doesn’t know if he’ll ever see her again and he’s angry at himself that he never told her that he loved her.

Someone Like You – Adele
She’s left Andy and has just discovered that she’s pregnant with his baby. Roz thinks that she’ll never see him again. She believes that Andy will find someone else, settle down, get married and do all the things she dreamed of.

Somewhere only we know – Lily Allen
I love this song, mostly because we completed the first draft of The Pleasures of Spring just before Christmas and it was all over the TV at the time. It reminded me of how much writing gets in the way of life. I had a mad few days of shopping, cooking and cleaning while I tried to get everything done on time.

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