Book Review: Legacy (The Young Witch's Chronicles #1) by Calista Anastasia

Legacy (The Young Witch's Chronicles #1)Legacy by Calista Anastasia
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Reviewed by Siobhán


The day her grandmother goes missing is Mercy's last day as a 'normal' teen. First, she discovers she's a witch and a cat has been appointed her guardian. She enrolls in witching lessons as dispensed by Darynda, her trainer on WTC (The Witch's Training Channel). Greg, the boy she likes, asks her out, but a girl who has bullied her since grade school is jealous.

Mercy's powers are out of control. Will she find a way to bring her grandmother back, as well as the bully she accidentally evaporates after an ill-fated school dance? Will the Witches Council, cause her two best friends to forget they ever met her because she violates an oath she never took?

I managed to grab this little gem while it was free on Amazon. And being in a weird reading mood this was a perfect read.

Legacy is about Mercy, a teenage girl who has just discovered she is a witch. Mercy isn't your typical female character. She is geeky and adorable. She messes up but always tries to make thing right. Mercy also has a fantastic group of friends. They stick by her and help her when she needs them. Especially when dealing with Lindy. The popular girl. Who has always bullied Mercy. As Mercy is coming into her powers we see her grow as a character and getting herself into bad situations swell as very funny ones.

Legacy is the first book in The Young Witch's Chronicles. It is a solid start to the series. It gives the readers a taste of what the characters are all like and how the series will play out. It is fun and light hearted but does have some depth to it. My only negative was that it simply wasn't long enough. I felt like the ending was rushed and stopped the overall flow to the story.

Overall, I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a quick and fun witchy read.

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  1. I love when an Amazon freebie turns out to be a fab little read! Great review Siobhan.

    1. Yeah I'm trying to actually read the freebies I get read 2 in 2 days and both been fab!


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