Laptop Officially Gave Up.

Well last night my poor laptop officially gave up on me. It hasn't been working properly for a while but I always manage to get it up and running but last night it just gave up. I cried a little. I'm lost without my laptop. 

I can still do reviews thanks to my sons Google nexus and good reads but  other posts will be hard but I'll try and steal my dads laptop anytime I'm done to get those done

I am hopefully getting a new laptop at the end of Jan so please still stick with me. And don't desert me lol

You are all fab 

Happy Reading 

Siobhán xoxox


  1. Aww no :( I think i would die a little if my laptop gave up on me :(

  2. Sorry to hear, will be here when you get back.

  3. Nightmare! I have an old laptop you can borrow if you want to, honestly it would be no problem:)

    1. Hey, its ok. Ordered a New one and it should be here by the end of Jan. Until then I'll use Aidens nexus. Lol.


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