Jayne O'hagan: Emun of Mor by Mathew Bridle Review

Pages: 207
Published: September 16th 2010
Publisher: Vamplit Publishing at Smashwords
Genre: Adult Fantasy

Trolls, goblins, orcs and an army of darkness will pit itself against the might and magic of men in a classic fantasy.

Can the magic of men and faith of the Holy Order overcome the alliance of the goblins and the armies of the undead as they scourge the land of the living?

The Prophecy speaks of one who will come with the power to defeat evil, but can the spawn of a warlock really be the one?

I was asked to review this & got it sent as an ebook. It's the first time i've ever read an ebook & it'll be the last!!. Now i do understand that maybe it's my computer that doesn't have a programme for ebook's, as it was annoying to have to remember what page i was on or write it down somewhere, normally my phone. And i like to be able to go back to recap my mind to a character, Maybe if i had a special programme that allowed me to bookmark pages it'd been easier for me. Anyway on to the story, it's set in times gone by where dragons & goblins live along with mage's,warlocks, trolls & the undead where magic & wizardry is normal. A war begins as they fight over land the sides are chosen good against evil greed overtakes need but nothing ever goes according to plan, just cos you pick one side doesn't mean you can't change your mind. Loyalties aren't always that strong not when your shown the light. The main character is Emun & he is the chosen one even before he was born although his conception wasn't made with love more with need. 
I will be honest now this probably isn't a book i'd buy or even look at but i did eventually enjoy it & will want or need to get the next book. 
At the start of the book i felt bombarded with characters it seemed that every page there was yet another character but as i found later on in the book they are all necessary for the development of the book. Mathew has a great knack of describing in such detail that i can see it just as he wants you too in my mind, because of that it was a heavy read but that's not a bad thing. At times i was on the edge of my seat it oozes atmosphere, adrenalin & tension. I cried & laughed so much which i never thought i would. Like i said it was a heavy read but i'm not sure that's just down to the book or because it was an ebook. Even though i've not read Lord of the rings (i've watch on of the films sort of) but that's what it reminds me & maybe Harry Potter for adults. 

Over all i did enjoy this book & i'd recommend it (printed for me!!) for anyone who likes books with a twist of magic, dragons & all sorts of weird beings 

Thank you for letting me review this book & sorry it took me so long to read it!!

Rate: 3.5 
 Jayne 0'hagan

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  1. Mnay thanks for the review, I'll send you signed copy when the paperback comes out.


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