Immortal Obsession by Denise K. Rago Giveaway


Immortal Obsession by Denise K. Rago
As a young man in eighteenth century France, Christian Du Mauré impulsively follows his best friend into the complex and warring world of the Parisian vampires. Against the backdrop of the French Revolution and following an affair with a mortal aristocrat, he promises to watch over her daughter - only to learn the child is his. Now settled in Manhattan, only two descendents of his union remain, Amanda and her brother, Ryan. After Amanda witnesses a savage murder in Central Park, she is determined to find the ethereal stranger who saved her life. When their worlds inevitably collide, Christian finds he cannot prevent Amanda from becoming a pawn in a centuries-old struggle for power. As a confrontation between ancient enemies comes to a head, Christian must face a betrayal from his past that still haunts him and threatens the woman he loves.


Do you want to win a signed copy?? Of course you do. 

Well it is really simply ( well not really lol)

I have hidden the french word for book, Livre on my blog SEVEN times. All you have to do is find them. 

Once you have found all seven send an email with the subject "LIVRE" to and let us know all the places you have found the word.

The word is only in the 2011 posts. So no need to hunt through all of 2010

Good Luck 

First person to find all seven and email me wins.

Here is all Seven:


  1. To quote Dean 'DAMMIT' lol
    I can only find six and I'm giving up lol I expect someone has probably found them all by now!

  2. Thank you for the guest post Siobhan and I am so excited to send a copy of Immortal Obsession to the winner.


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