100 Blog Followers?!?!?


I have a fab giveaway coming up when we reach the 100 blog followers. I am super excited about the suprises, yes thats right suprises there is two!!!!! 

So get telling everyone you know and get them to follow the blog, comments, just get involved. I love blogging and I love even more when I read your comments to get inviting you friends and family onto the blog and I will reveal the suprises!!!


  1. I posted this on Facebook & tweeted it for you! Good luck in hitting 100!

  2. wow!! haha I had just realised that you had this blog! glad to be following it...I was only aware of the fb page...^^
    will be posting on fb and twitter for people to follow it^^

  3. woohoo you've made 100 followers!!! congrats


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