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Today I am so pleased to get to kick off the blog tour for Legacy by Hannah Fielding!! I hope you all enjoy this wonderful guest post from the author! And don't forget to go pick up a copy of the book.

Cadiz: A city for epic romance 

Why Cadiz? Quite simply because to my mind it is the perfect location for romance. I have visited many cities across the world, but few have captivated me like this Spanish jewel, and the day I first stood on its rocky shore and gazed out to sea, I just knew I must situate a love in the city known as ‘the Bride of the Sea’: 

“Not quite an island, it was a city of dazzling white houses set on a rocky peninsula, jutting into the sea with the sapphire-blue waters wrapped around it. A jewel that towered over the Atlantic, she well deserved her name. Brilliant and sparkling like a diamond in the sunshine, Alexandra found her beauty was just as arresting at night, under a velvet sky studded with stars, when the city was reflected in the almost unearthly phosphorescence of the ocean.” (from Indiscretion) 

Here are my favourite romantic aspects of Cadiz, which I hope may inspire you to visit the city yourself someday, whether in person or through reading Andalucían Nights:
  • The light: The Moors compared the city to a ‘dish of silver in a bowl of blue’, so vivid are the colours. It is a lovely city; the most beautiful in Spain, I think. I love the contrast between the blue waters and the white-washed buildings.
  • The history: Cadiz is the oldest city in Spain, and one of the oldest in all of Western Europe. There is such a long and diverse history to explore, from the vestiges of Greek and Roman citizens through to the influence of the Moors and then the scars of squabbles with the French and English. The neo-classical architecture is quite arresting as you stroll from plaza to plaza, and the cathedral is an interesting mix of baroque, neo-classical and rococo styles. One of the things I like best about it is that old wins out over new, because there is so little space to develop on the little slice of land where Cadiz lies and the land is too sandy for the foundations required for high rises. Consequently, the skyline of the city has been little changed in the past few hundred years.
  • The vistas: This is the city of watch towers: in the 18th century it had no fewer than 160 towers from which men looked out for merchant ships. The tallest to stand to this day is the Tavira Tower, atop which intrepid visitors to the city can take in panoramic views through the cámaraoscura, a room in which the view is projected via a convex lens.
  • The legends: Along with the beautiful buildings and the shimmering sea from which you are never far, there is a sense of magic about the place, a connection to mythology. For example, in Moorish times, it is said, a massive gold idol (of Muhammad, according to some) was constructed just outside Cadiz. Apparently, it magically kept sailors from the city by blowing strong winds and whipping up powerful currents in the strait of Gibraltar. And what of the creation of the city? Well, if you believe legend, that was Hercules’s doing. According to Greek mythology, Hercules founded the city of Gadeira (Cádiz) en route to carrying out his tenth labour.
  • The spirit: The 19th-century French writer and traveller Théophile described Cadiz as ‘lively and luminous’, and many call it Cadiz Joyosa. Nowhere is this joyful spirit more evident than at the annual Cadiz Carnival, which is the carnival to visit in Spain. It’s a dazzling, fast-paced spectacle that leaves you leaves your head spinning with sights and sounds and sensations. Olé!  

Title :Legacy
Series:Andalucían Night #3
Author: Hannah Fielding
Genre: Romance
Publisher: London Wall Publishing
Published: 25th Aug 2016
Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon US 

A troubled young journalist finds her loyalties tested when love and desire unearth dark secrets from the past.

Spring, 2010. When Luna Ward, a science journalist from New York, travels halfway across the world to work undercover at an alternative health clinic in Cadiz, her ordered life is thrown into turmoil.

The doctor she is to investigate, the controversial Rodrigo Rueda de Calderon, is not what she expected. With his wild gypsy looks and devilish sense of humour, he is intent upon drawing her to him. But how can she surrender to a passion that threatens all reason; and how could he ever learn to trust her when he discovers her true identity? Then Luna finds that Ruy is carrying a corrosive secret of his own…

Luna’s native Spanish blood begins to fire in this land of exotic legends, flamboyant gypsies and seductive flamenco guitars, as dazzling Cadiz weaves its own magic on her heart. Can Luna and Ruy’s love survive their families’ legacy of feuding and tragedy, and rise like the phoenix from the ashes of the past?

Legacy is a story of truth, dreams and desire. But in a world of secrets you need to be careful what you wish for.

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