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Hello, Welcome to Wee Shubba's World. 

As you may know this blog was previously called Totally Bookalicious. However, I feel like it was time to move on. I have decided to turn this into a more personal blog. I will talk about books, movies, tv shows, movies and well ME!! 


I'm a 30something single mum from sunny Scotland!!
I am addicted to tattoos and obsessed with Green Day!!
Right now I am trying to get fit and it has been a battle but slowly but surely getting there.

Want to know more?? Just ask.


UPDATE: As of 26th July I am no longer accepting any new requests unless it's from an author or publisher I have worked with before.
  • I review a wide genres of book, from YA to Adult. However, our favourites are: Chick Lit, Romance, Woman's Fiction, Paranormal, Historial Fiction, Dystopia. YA Contemporary and Adult Erotica. I don't review Non-Fiction, Religionish or Adult Crime Fiction.
  • I don't work on a deadline or schedule. As I have a busy life and like read at my own pace and setting a deadline is not realistic for us. However, we do make exceptions for Blog Tours.
  • I do accept hardbacks, paperbacks, arcs and ebooks (Mobi is prefered)
  • When sending a request, please don't start the email with "Dear Blogger" it is very impersonal. My name is all over my blog.
  • Do not send your ebooks to me without waiting to see if I will review it.
  • Receiving a review copy will not sway our opinion. So please be prepared for a negative review if I don't like the novel.
  • Accepting your book does not mean a guarantee review.
  • I will try my hardest to give reviews without spoiler. However, sometimes that is Impossible but I will always state in the review if there are spoilers.
  • I usually post my reviews on goodreads. And if the author or publisher requests I can add the reviews to amazon.
  • If you would like me to review your book please get in touch. Be aware I do get a lot of requests and I already have a lot of books for review. I try aim to reply within 7 days. However, if you don't receive a reply chances are your book wasn't for me.
  • Have a look at my reviews before you contact me just to make sure this is the right blog for your books. If you think it is then please email us:
  • Policy is subject to change at anytime. 
  • I have a new rating system so please check that out: *Shelfability*

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  1. Hi awesome blog! I'm now a follower! My blog is called

    Thanks so much and happy blogging and reading :)

  2. Siobhan I was convinced you were American!!!

    1. Really?? lol. Nope Scottish born and bread (with some Irish Blood) lol


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