Deceit Blog Tour: 3rd Installement of Nefertaru's Story by Deborah White

Deborah White is on tour throughout Jan with an Exclusive story about Nefertaru an Egyptian Priestess who appears in both Wickedness and Deceit but her story has never been told. Join in following the stops and read the amazing story.

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We have the 3rd :) 
The great city of Men Nefer… Memphis. What can I tell you? The first sight of it takes my breath away. Its size is vast beyond anything you can imagine. It stretches out for half a day’s journey in every direction at least!

Asru and I are carried through its streets on a platform lifted up onto the shoulders of four men, their skin like polished ebony. Most impressive of its buildings is a vast white walled temple – dedicated, Asru tells me, to the great god Thoth. Its enormous gates are so tall they make the people hurrying by look small as ants. 

Asru points at the temple as we pass and whispers, “That was once the home of the twenty one spells containing all the knowledge of the great god Thoth. I used to be a dancer and priestess there until Setna took me away. The most powerful of the spells, the 21st, is locked inside an Emerald Casket and my ring is its key.” 

She looks around nervously and lowers her voice further, “Ahmose may be the High Priest of the Temple of Thoth, but it is Setna, High Priest at the Temple of Sekhmet who is feared by everyone in Men Nefer. There were once people who guarded the twenty one spells. They wore rings that are the mirror image of mine. But Setna has become so powerful he has had these guardians banished from the city. He said they were planning to steal the spells from the temple,” she shakes her head in disbelief. “As if they would do such a thing! And now Setna has taken the spells and the Emerald Casket, saying that they are safer in his care at the Temple of Sekhmet! And Ahmose has done nothing to stop him!” 

I shrink back against her and say, “So where is it I am I to live? With Setna in the Temple of Sekhmet too?” 

Asru holds my hand in hers and squeezes it. “Yes, but do not fear – you will be safe with me, until…” Her voice trails off. She looks away quickly. I want to ask her more, but there is no time because we have arrived and Asru is now pointing out the two giant statues of the Pharaoh that decorate the temple’s western front. 

It is as if I were just a visitor and not here for… well, what? To become a temple dancer like Asru? I may be young, but I am not stupid. A priest of the Temple of Sekhmet doesn’t come in person to fetch someone of such low status, so why am I really here? Not just to learn the skills of a dancer, surely? There are any number of young girls who have talent enough for that. No, I have the strangest feeling that I am just marking time… waiting for something momentous to happen.

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Title: Deceit
Author: Deborah White / Visit The Website
Format: Paperback
Published: 1st Jan 2013
Publisher: Templar

In the follow-up to the thriller Wickedness, modern-day teen Claire and her seventeenth century counterpart Margrat discover it is impossible to escape the clutched of the sinister Doctor, who breaks the boundaries of time and mortality to pursue them both. Each girl has something the Doctor needs and they know he won't stop until he has claimed it.

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