Book Review: Interview with the Vampire: Claudia's Story by Ashley Marie Witter/Anne Rice

Reviewed by: Siobhán
Format: Hardback
Pages: 256
Published: 22nd Nov 2012
Publisher: Headline
Source: Publisher
Genre: Horror, Graphic Novel
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A richly-illustrated adaptation of Anne Rice's INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, told through the eyes of the vampire Claudia, who was just a little girl when she was turned by the vampire Lestat. Though she spends many years of happiness with her two vampire fathers, she gradually grows discontent with their insistence upon treating her like a little girl, even though she has lived as long as any mortal man...and her lust to kill is certainly no less than theirs...


This is a graphic novel retelling of Interview with a vampire by Anne Rice from Claudia's point of view. Now I adore Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and even though Interview wasn't my favourite it was still amazing. And I think to truly appreciate this graphic novel you should read the novel first. 

Claudia is a child and this story starts with her awakening as a vampire. Lestat is her maker but she loves Louis. I won't go into the plot because it will spoil the main story and I don't want to do that. It follows pretty close to original story so you are still getting that Gothic story that Anne Rice has created so perfectly. 

Claudia, Lestat and Louis are family. Lestat is and always will be The Brat Prince. I didn't fall for Lestat until Book 2 in the Vampire Chronicles, The Vampire Lestat, But his character is true the original. He is cruel, impatient and cares for only himself. Louis, argh....I never liked him. He always came across as such a pathetic character. Claudia is a hard one. She is a vampire child, brattish and impatient but she is also very cruel and as the years go by mentally she grows into a woman but physically she will always be a child. This is when it turns a bit creepy at times. The relationship between her and Louis always confused me. There is never anything actually wrong with their relationship but sometimes the scenes would have a romantic feel to them and it gave me shivers. Claudia is in love with Louis. However, even though Louis loves Claudia, he isn't actually in love with her, he still views her as a child yet as I said sometimes it just creeped me out.

I honestly don't know if Anne Rice had any involvement with this adaptation but if she didn't I'm sure she will be proud, Ashley has done a beautiful job taking this story and making it come to life. The art work is flawless and breathtaking. Her attention to detail in her drawings makes the story flow wonderfully. 

I highly recommend this so any Anne Rice fan or any vampire fan. It is beautiful and heartbreaking. Ashley has created a fresh and new (sort of) voice to Anne Rice Gothic Vampire tale. 

Rate: 4/5 


  1. I wasn't keen on Interview With A Vampire. I do like the series though. So I'll see my library for this.


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