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Reviewed by: Siobhán
Format: Paperback
Pages:  403
Published: 6th Sept 2012
Publisher: Atom
Source: Publisher for Review
Genre: YA Fantasy
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When Rachel Adams's father disappears, she is determined to go after him, even if it means breaking every rule and defying every authority. Her efforts catch the eye of the city's cruel ruler, the Commander, who grants Rachel permission to search the unprotected Wasteland beyond the city walls for her father. Her father's apprentice Logan convinces the Commander to allow him to accompany her; though Rachel is sure of her skills, Logan is all too well aware of the dangers that lurk along the roads and beneath the ground of the Wasteland. But the Wasteland is not the only place where dangers hide beneath the surface. Rachel was meant to be the Commander's pawn, her compliance bought by his relentless cruelty. But Rachel has never been like other girls. In the crucible of Baalboden, she has been transformed from a courier's daughter into a deadly weapon, and she and Logan have forged a bond that even the Commander's iron fist cannot break.

When I first heard about this book, I knew I wanted it! Usually Fantasy isn't my thing I prefer the subgenres within fantasy like paranormal and urban fantasy. However, there was just something about this book that drew me in and made me want it. It may be the kick ass cover. Or the exciting description, I am not 100% sure. So when I got a chance to review I jumped up and down like a crazy chick and let me tell you I freaking love it!! It took a while for the story to pick up pace but by the end I was head over heals in love with Defiance.

Defiance is told from two points of view. Rachel's and Logan's. When Rachel's father doesn't return from a mission, she believes he is still alive an is set on going after him. She is the type of character who just feels real to me and I connected with her straight away. She is far from perfect, she is stubborn, puts herself in danger but she is loyal and can kick butt because unlike all the other girls who liked clothes and fancy things, Rachel was learning to fight and going to mission with her father. Logan is now Rachel's Protector. He has been Rachel's father apprentice. And the chemistry between Logan and Rachel is undeniable. They deeply care for one another even though they try not to.

As I mentioned I found that the story was a tad slow to get going. It did have a nice steady pace to the start it. CJ Redwine set up the story nicely giving readers an understanding of the world and how it works and the making you connect to the characters. However once you get to the half way point in the book its like BAM!!!! It hits you like a tonne of bricks. Grips you to the point you can't breathe and you feel like you are just blowing through those pages. It was action packed, thrilling and exciting with so many twists and turns you honestly have no idea how the book will end.  I know I didn't. Usually I can figure out a book straight away but Defiance was so unpredictable that I  had no clue what was going to happen next.

This is a YA fantasy novel and unlike most fantasy novel,s I loved it. And I still can't pin point the reason why I like so much compared to other YA fantasy novels. It is just a combinations for the plot, the characters, the dark and gritty setting. However, I think above all it's simply CJ Redwine's writing style. It is flawless! And I also think the name's of the characters help. Fantasy books the character's names are always weird and half the time I have no idea how to pronounce them but in Defiance all the characters are normal names and I think that helped me connect with the story more,

For a debut author, CJ Redwine has create one explosive fantasy novel that those who love fantasy will enjoy and even those like me who doesn't usually read fantasy novels will enjoy this one. It's gripping, exciting and dark with an added bonus with a believe romance between the characters. Pick it up! Go Now! What are you waiting for?!?

Rate: 4/5

I am so excited to have CJ on the blog today! And here is her wonder post about her favourite childhood novels. 

CJ Redwine's Top Five Books From Childhood

1. The Tawny Scrawny Lion: I had the original Golden Books version that came with a small record in an attached sleeve. (Old school!) I used to listen to that story over and over again for hours. I loved walking around the house chanting "Carrot stew! Carrot stew!"

2. Grimm's Fairy Tales: I checked every version of the Grimm's Fairy Tales out of the library so many times, I'm surprised the librarian didn't just give the books to me and be done with it.

3. Little Women: I read this book so many times, my book literally fell apart. I didn't throw it away, though. That's not how you treat old friends. I carefully taped the spine back together, and I still have it.

4. Nancy Drew: I read the entire series and then went back to re-read most of them. My poor third grade teacher got nothing but Nancy Drew book reports from me for the entire year. I wanted to be as daring and intrepid as Nancy and her friends! And I wanted a boyfriend named Ned. I grew out of the Ned envy, though I still want to be daring and intrepid.

5. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: This book, actually this entire series, was the turning point for me as a child. This is the book that lit a fire in me to tell my own stories. I started writing stories after I finished this book, and I haven't stopped since. 

Massive thank you to CJ for the awesome post. 
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  1. This sounds very good. Need to check it out!

    Cool books the author picked. I love Grimm!

  2. this book sounds really good, and im finding i love books that are told from different POV's so this one is definitly being bumped up my to buy list :)
    what a wonderfil guest post. LOVE the lion, witch and the wardrobe as a kid :)


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