Well, just to warn you that my internet has been cut off for the time being. (Not being able to find a job sucks)

I won't be around that much. However, I'm still reading and reviewing but I'll be using goodreads to help with getting my reviews on here. Like I had to do a few months ago. And I will add them on the days I'm down my parents because my phone is linked up to their WiFi (Shoosh lol) I will be using the blogger app because since the update on normal web blogger it doesn't work on my phone very good.

I hope you all stick with me you are all amazing. And to have so many people reading my posts is amazing and I hope you still keep reading even if posts are scarce.

I do have a couple of blog tours coming up but I should still be able to do those :)

Thanks for reading, hope you all have a wonderful week.

Happy Reading, Siobhán

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  1. My phone is also running off Wifi and without that I got nothing. I am definitely in a no Sprint zone lol. I hope you get internet back soon.

    1. Thankfully after I posted this. My mum loaned me the money to pay! :)


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