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Today on the blog we have the wonder Frankie Rose, author of The Hope Series. Charlie has reviewed the book which is the post below and now we have a quick interview with Frankie!!

Siobhán: Have you always been a writer or did the writing bug strike at a certain age?

Frankie: I've loved writing poetry since I was a kid. The urge to write a book was always there, but I never really thought I'd have the patience for it. I'm so glad I did. Novel writing is incredibly rewarding, and I can't imagine doing anything else now!

Siobhán: How did you come to write about this particular genre?

Frankie: I've always read the young adult genre. It's covers a such an exciting time, falling in love for the first time and growing into yourself. It was natural for me to want to write these kinds of books. Plus people who read in this genre are still able to believe in things, y'know. It's fun to write YA because the readers are open to fantastical worlds and people.

Siobhán: Did you have any significant high or low moments while writing the book?

Frankie: Finishing the book and having someone read it and say they loved it was a definite high point! A low, I'd say, would be when I got about half way through writing and started doubting myself. If was such a huge project and I got to thinking, "why is anyone ever going to want to read this?" It's too easy to start questioning whether you're good enough, and it's hard to pick yourself and push through that sometimes. 

Siobhán: What is your favorite part of the writing process?

Frankie: It used to be my least favourite part, but now I love plotting. It kind of lets me get to the really good bits before I'm actually writing, which is exciting and motivates me. Knowing that you're coming up on a chapter in the book that's really exciting or romantic or heart wrenching is awesome and gives you the opportunity to really build a scene in your head before you get there.

Siobhán: Was there a particular book that influenced you as a teen?

Frankie: It would have to be Lord Of The Rings. I loved Tolkein's world and the language he used. Sure, it's a little heavy going in places, but I really bought into it. That series is among my most treasured books. 

Siobhán: Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself or the books?

Frankie: I know on my site it states that there will be three books to The Hope Series, however I have decided to extend this so there will be four. There were just too many big events happening in the final book, and it felt like it would be rushed if I didn't pace things a little better.

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