March is Mine!

March is Mine!

I am planning on during the month of March I will only read my own books. Even though I do have a crazy review tbr. My personal tbr is insane!! I need to start reading some of them because I have book that are like two or three years old still waiting to be read.LOL

I will hopefully get at least 15 books read in March and I do plan on reviewing them so the blog won't be quiet :)  I am trying to squeeze in my March release review books before March but there is a chance I may not get to them. 

The main reason for these other than needing to tackle my crazy TBR is that I just need to take a small break from review book. A break is always a good thiing!!

If anyone wants to join in please feel free :)

Update: 2nd March - Have fallen behind :( still have one more review book to read before I can start. Life got in the way :(

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  1. Thats a great idea Siobhan!! At least you will make a dent in your own books.


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