Book Trailer Thursday: Destined

Book Trailer Thursday is a weekly meme were I showcase Trailers for Books that I think need to shared.
Trailers will be for books that are usually new and upcoming releases. However, from time to time there maybe an older trailer for a book if I love it :)

This week's pick is: 

Destined by P.C & Kristin Cast: Out Now

US Trailer

Note: Signature doesn't match the halloween theme but I decided not to change them because it would mean having to change them all back again after halloween :)


  1. I'm reading this right now. I'm not sure if this trailer helps the book at all but I like seeing the characters.

  2. I like it. I so love this new phone. I can actually watch videos now. I need to read this series.

  3. Pam lol. I was the same when I got my new phone a couple of months ago. It's great. My old one was awful.for doing anything.

  4. Its always amazing how different the characters look in the book trailers compared to how I picture them when I am reading the books!


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