The Hunger Games: First Glimpse

So for those who like me miss the VMA's here is the awesome First Glimpse of The Hunger Games

Those who know me, I wasn't a fan of the casting at first for this movie. However, I am starting to like them as more images are revealed and after seeing this. I think I may be doing a full turn around on Jennifer. I can't wait to see the movie!!!!! Hurry up March!!!

Check out the Movie Website: The Hunger Games Movie

We want to know what you think? Are you excited? Dreading it? Let us know!!


  1. I can't wait! I really like the casting now, at first I thought Jennifer wasn't the right Katniss but I hope she will do a good job. I like who they've picked for Peeta too and I'm more than excited to watch the movie now :) Donna.

  2. So excited about the movie. The cast have all grown on me too.

  3. I think most people had the same thoughts when they first cast them. But they are growing on people. Cant wait to see them in action!!

  4. Umm coming from someone who has never read the books...the trailer left me "uh what"...


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