Crossroads by Mary Ting

Format: Hardback
Pages: 384
Published: 6th April 2011
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Genre: YA Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

On the same night of her friend’s tragic death, Claudia Emerson encounters another world, Crossroads, through her dream. There, she learns about a mix breed of angels and humans, who possess supernatural powers. Among those with these powers, lies evil, known as the fallen. Mystified by her ability to enter this place called Crossroads, certain that the fallen will be after her, she is assigned a guardian angel named Michael. Aden, the fallen leader, is convinced that Claudia holds the key to help destroy Crossroads. Her dream becomes a nightmare as more secrets are revealed, about who she really is, and the true identities of the people she loves most.

WOW!! Seriously just WOW! Crossroads is one of those stories that you can just lose yourself in. With a gripping storyline and adorable main characters its everything that is wonderful about Young Adult Literature.

Crossroads is about 16 year old Claudia who while sleeping enters into a world called the Crossroads. There she meets Michael who has fallen in love with her before she even knew him. However, Claudia shouldn't be able to get into the Crossroads and soon everything she thought was true in life is turned upset down and she is being hunted by fallen angels.

The characters in this book are all so likeable. Claudia is really down to earth and even when faced with terrible situations she is still strong. When she meets Michael she is completely smitten. It's really easy to understand why. Even though at first Michael is rude to her. It's only because he confused about why he is feeling human emotional. You see Michael is an Alkin, half angel and half human. It's not long though until they are both madly in love and seriously the thing Michael say's to Claudia is so romantic it makes me jealous. My favourite character is another angel, Davin. He is just so funny and cute. There is just something that make you connect with him. He is just an all round nice person who is loyal to his friends.

Now the story at first was a little slow for the first couple of chapters. However, after I got into it I was completely hooked! The storyline is simply fantastic!! It's about angel but Mary has created a story that is completely different to more angel stories. She has put alot of Mythology behind her angels and it just makes the readers understand and connect easier with the characters.

Crossroads is a beautifully written debut novel that has everything you need for a outstanding read. Forbidden love, danger, angels and demons what not to love?

I just want to thank Mary for giving me this wonderful book for review. As well as the hardback book I also got a fab bag that is now my library bag and a beautiful neckless that I gave to my mum for her birthday because she loved it so much! Lol. Also stay tuned as there will be giveaway coming soon for the paperback copy of this book as well as teh bag and necklace donated by Mary.

Rate :4/5

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  1. ive added this book to my BD wishlist list now, just because of your review, you always are the one that is the deciding factor on if i buy a book or not :) loved the review, this book sounds amazing


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