Son's first Library Books

Yesterday my son and I went to the library to get forms so we could get library cards. It has been years since I was in a library and didn't know we could get books out right away if we had proper the information the librarian need. So my son was really disappointed. However we went back today and he was in heaven. He a big book worm like me even though he can't actually read yet. He spent about 30mins trying to pick some books. He was allowed to take 6 book but I said he was only getting 3 at this time. 

So after about 100 mind changes he finally picked his 3 books. 

Flora's Big Noise by Karen Wallance
Flora was too big and heavy to join in her friends' favourite 'sneaking up' game. She made far too much noise. But, then, when flora spotted danger in the jungle, her noisiness saved the day!

The Story of Wolverine by Michael Teitelbaum

Designed to engage even the reluctant reader, this book lets your child discover how a frail and sickly child grew claws, ran wild with the wolves and became the super hero.

Adventures in Bikini Bottom by Nickelodeon 

Is there anything SpongeBob can't do? Read along as the intrepid sponge ties his hand at being a camping assistand, a daring manager, an explorer and even a spquare dance caller! Enjoy 4 great adventures with everyone's faveourite sponge

As we were checking out the book. I let him go sit in the waiting area just beside the library. He was sitting singing to himself. The librarians were laughing and not caring and none of the other people were bothered. I did try to get him to be quiet cause it was library but the librarian said to leave him. However, one man started moaning telling me to get him shut up cause he is trying to do an important message. I nearly slapped the man.  I told him "we were leaving anyway. And I wouldn't get my son to "shut up". He is a child who is enjoying himself and no one else was minding." I maybe would have tried to get Aiden to keep it down (even though he wasn't even being that noisey) if the man asked me nicely but didn't he was just rude.

Thankfully it didn't stop Aiden from having a great wee trip and he is looking forward to starting his books tonight at bedtime. 



  1. Arrgghh - I can't wait to take Isabel to the library. Lol I'm hoping she will be a reader like me too not and not like her dad. :)
    Glad you didn't let that man ruin your day.

  2. Lol She will love it.
    yeah Aidens dad isnt a reader either. We big book worms lol.
    No I wasnt going to let is ruin it. Some people are just rude though.

  3. i would of hit that man (yes i have temper issues) yay aiden got out some cool books for his first library trip :)

  4. HEHE I was tempted to hit him But it was my first time in a library for about 10 years didnt want to get banned lol. He loved it. We have a couple of weeks to read the books then we will go back and get more.

  5. Lol I so hope so. Looks like she'll be getting loads of books for Christmas/Birthdays. Lol


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