The Dresskeeper by Mary Naylus

Pages: 238
Published: November 30th 2009
Publisher: Prospera Publishing
Genre: YA Fantasy, Historical Fiction


When 13 year old Picky Robson slips into a flouncy old dress from the depths of an old chest and finds herself back in 17th century London, she has no idea she is plunging herself into a dangerous adventure. For in 1685 England, she is Amelia, not Picky. Plus, she is wealthy and beautiful, and even has servants. There's one minor problem, however. Someone is trying to kill Amelia, and by the blood stains she finds on the flouncy dress when she returns to the present, they succeeded.

Normally I tend to shy away from historical novels and books involving time travel. However, when I got a chance to review this book. I couldn't resist it. The story is very appealing and doesn't disappoint. It follow young Picky as she is forced to look after her gran one weekend. She end ups looked in the attic and transported back to 17th century London where someone is trying to kill her. When she returns to the present she decides she has to go back in time and stop this event from happening and in doing so she embarks on a journey that will have you enchanted.

Picky is one of those rare characters in a book that you like start from the start. She is funny and very sarcastic, being a very sarcatic person myself I love her. She isn't that beautiful like most protagonist characters in novels. She has bad hair, acne and is a curvy size 14. (Like me, only thankfully I dont have acne.) My only negative about her and its only negative in the whole book. Is that there are certain things that she doesn't know. I mean she know who Anne Boyln was and yet doesn't know what a Nazi was. And she suggested using the internet in 17th century.

There are two main reason why I liked this so much. Mary Naylus has created a wonderful story. The way she has recreated the 17th century London in this story is dark and depressing. Its perfect. You actually feel like you have been timetraveled yourself.

The other reason I like it so much  is the fact it is set in London. I loved seeing words I use in the book. Like quid instead of pound for money. I use that all the time for money and its good to see words we use in the UK poppng up in books.

Overall, a great fast read that will have you gripped from start to finished. Its full of mystery, history and humor.

Thanks to Prospera Publishing for providing me a copy for review. Can't wait to read more of Mary's work.
Rate: 4/5


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