Mortal Kiss by Alice Moss

Pages: 341
Published January 6th 2011
Publisher: Bantam Children
Genre: YA Fantasy, Parnormal Romance

How much would you sacrifice for just one kiss ...

When smouldering Finn and sexy Lucas arrive in Winter Mill, life starts to get very complicated for Faye McCarron.

But two boys battling for her heart is just the start; events in town are sinister. There's a dead body in the woods, a motorcycle gang on the prowl, and the snow just won't stop falling.

Something evil is at work, and only Faye and best friend Liz can stop it. As the temperature drops and the nights draw int towards Hallowe'en, they must uncover the dark secrets at the heart of Winter Mill - before its too late. 

Mortal Kiss was a novel that was first on It must have proven to be very popular as now its been published as a book. And its a smart thing that is now a book. It will sure to be a hit with those who love to read about love, mystery and sinister beings.

When I was contacted to review this novel I had never heard of it. However, I am really glad I agreed, because I really enjoyed it. At first when reading it I thought there was lots of similarities between this and other books out there in the market just and it did kinda of put me of at first. Alice although, has managed to take these similarities and twist them just slightly to make them her own as well as creating a story with a few unique twists and turns that really kept me on my toes.

Since the novel is wrote in third person I didn't enjoy it as much as I would if it was in first person. The chopping and changing of the characters annoyed me just a little. However, it did give the reader more of an insight into the story and the backstory. The characters themselves where all very interesting. The two main female characters are Faye and Liz and I really enjoyed them. I found them easy to connect with and was drawn into their story. The two main male characters are both sexy and both very intriguing. Finn and Lucas are both infatuated with Faye and while it proves to be a interesting aspect it could have been developed more.

As far as I know this is Alice Moss debut novel. She has created a very good read with will leave you begging for sequel. We have read about werewolves before and I was worried. However, Alice as put a very unique story behind the werewolf and was really refreshing and really draws you in.

If you love a good paranormal mystery that will send chills down your spine then this is the book for you.
Rate: 4/5

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