#BookReview: Allegedly by Tiffany D Jackson

Do you know how hard is it to review this book without spoilers?!?! It's SOOOOOOOO hard!!! I want to talk about it. Really talk about and I can't! Just read the book!!!
GO, read the book.
NO! Wait!!
Not yet silly!
Stay and read my review first. Lol.

Title: Allegedly
Format: eBook
Pages: 400
Published: 24th Jan 2017
Publisher: Katherine
Source: Bought
Genre: YA, Mystery, Contemporary
Shelfability:  COVET

About The Book
Orange Is the New Black meets Walter Dean Myer's Monster in this gritty, twisty, and haunting debut by Tiffany D. Jackson about a girl convicted of murder seeking the truth while surviving life in a group home. Mary B. Addison killed a baby. Allegedly. She didn't say much in that first interview with detectives, and the media filled in the only blanks that mattered: a white baby had died while under the care of a churchgoing black woman and her nine-year-old daughter. The public convicted Mary and the jury made it official. But did she do it? There wasn't a point to setting the record straight before, but now she's got Ted-and their unborn child-to think about. When the state threatens to take her baby, Mary's fate now lies in the hands of the one person she distrusts the most: her Momma. No one knows the real Momma. But does anyone know the real Mary?

To say that "Allegedly" was an easy read probably isn't the best word to use. But it was. It was a very easy read. It was easy to get lost in. It was easy to stay up until the wee hours to finish the book. It was easy to get into the characters minds. The plot itself was not easy. Gripping would be the best word I could use. Gripping, gritty and with some major plot twists!!!

Nine year old Mary Killed a baby. Allegedly. She didn't really say much when she was questioned. However, now she is fifteen with her own unborn baby to think about she is now determined to set the record straight about what happened that tragic night. Will the truth come out about what really happen to little Alyssa?

Get it? Hooked? *chuckles*
I was completely hooked onto this books from the moment I read the blurb I just knew it was going to be a book that would really get you thinking and it was. It's full of twists and turns that I honestly did not see coming. I thought I knew exactly where the story was going than BAM!!! The author would flip the story and take it somewhere completely different.

Now the characters in the story aren't exactly easy to like. And I think that's a very important part of the story telling. You aren't meant to like them. You are meant to hate them and fear them. Just like Mary does. However, you do see little parts of the each girl that live in that house that aren't too bad and you get understand them a little better.  Mary herself is a tough one. My feelings on her changed so much as the story progressed. She goes through so much between what happens to her in the house at the hands of the other girls. From her Momma to her boyfriend Ted. You do feel sympathy for her.

Allegedly is without a doubt an outstanding novel by Tiffany D Jackson. She has took a story that is so uncomfortable and heartbreaking and makes into a stunning debut that is will stay with you for a while after finishing it because the ending of this haunting story will leave you shocked.

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