Feeding the Addiction #10

Being a book lover I am proud to admit I am addicted to books! And I think most book bloggers are. So here is where I show off  the goodies I got to Feed The Addiction."Feeding The Addiction" is inspired by the many book haul memes. :) 

Now You See Me by Emma Haughton
Red Rising by Pierce Brown
Age of Iron by Angus Watson
Your Beautiful Lies by Louise Douglas
Codex Born by Jim C Hines
Lovestruck by Julia Llewellyn
Panic by Lauren Oliver
When We Were Sisters by Beth Millar
I Can't Begin to Tell You by Elizabeth Buchan

Creed by Trisha Leaver, Lindsay Currie
Sweet Unrest by Lisa Maxwell
The Last Changeling by Chelsea Pitcher
Rival by Penelope Douglas

Bully by Penelope Douglas
Until You by Penelope Douglas

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