**Blog Tour** Undeniable by Liz Bankes

Title: Undeniable
Author: Liz Bankes
Publisher: Piccadilly Press
Published: 1st Aug 2013
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon US / Book Depository

Frank, funny and fabulous the new romantic novel from Liz Bankes.

Gabi is so excited she's spending the summer working as a runner on her favourite TV show. It's a dream come true! Plus it's perfect for for distracting her from The Break-Up especially with all those gorgeous actors around. And then there's Spencer Black: student, extra, expert flirt. Everything with him is fun, intoxicating and uncertain. Things between them are hotting up when he lands a minor role on the show. So is it make or break for them? Is Spencer undeniably the one for Gabi?


The post the author has done is a text conversation between Mia and Gabi, set a few weeks before the book starts.

Gabi: OMFG
Gabi: AM.A.ZING news
Gabi: Mia?
Gabi: Oi

Mia: I am in French

Gabi: Meeeyaa, I ‘ave ze most awesome noooze to tell vous

Mia: What is it? Aren’t you in a lesson too?

Gabi: Yeah in Events, but we’re just doing those presentation project thingies.

Mia: Coursework??

Gabi: Yeah that. But I got my partner to write it all out because he’s got neat handwriting for a boy. ANYWAY, it’s the last day so who cares. ANYWAY, my news is more important.

Mia: Well, do tell.

Gabi: Granny has got me a summer internship! Guess where.

Mia: Where?


Mia: The arse?

Gabi: I beg your pardon??

Mia: Theatre!! Autocorrect. Trying to type in my bad
Mia: Bag

Gabi: Close. It’s as a runner on The Halls series 2!

Mia: That’s awesome! I’m so jealous!

Gabi: You don’t need to be jealous – you’re off on your fancy trip to farm wine or whatever it is.

Mia: I can delay it until you leave? More summer hanging out time!

Gabi: J You don’t have to – I’ve taken up a lot of your time recently with my woes. But I will need someone to help me pack.

Mia: Or someone to stop you taking every pair of shoes you own.

Gabi: Ha! Yes. Argh am so excited, can’t wait to tell Max

Mia: Max?

Gabi: God, I keep forgetting.
Gabi: Got to go now – presentation thingy!

Mia: Hope you’re okay Xx 

Thanks to Liz for the awesome post and for the publisher for letting my wee blog be apart from this blog tour. Don't forget to check out the other stops in the tour.

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