Book Review: Zom-B (Zom-B #1) by Darren Shan

Reviewed By: Siobhán
Format: Hardback
Pages: 217
Published: 27th Sept 2012
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Source:  Bought
Genre: YA, Zombies, Horror
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When news reports start appearing of a zombie outbreak in Ireland, B's racist father thinks it's a joke-- but even if it isn't, he figures, it's ok to lose a few Irish. B doesn't fully buy into Dad's racism, but figures it's easier to go along with it than to risk the fights and abuse that will surely follow sticking up for Muslims, blacks, or immigrants. And when dodging his fists doesn't work, B doesn't hesitate to take the piss out of kids at school with a few slaps or cruel remarks. That is, until zombies attack the school. B is forced on a mad dash through the serpentine corridors of high school, making allegiances with anyone with enough gall to fight off their pursuers.

I was struggling to decided if I should even review this book because I didn't like it but figured I should give it a mini review. I can't always have good reviews on the blog. If I am going to be an honest reviewer I need to share the good and the bad. So here goes...... I bought this book last year, getting sucked in by the cover and having Darren Shan highly recommend to me. Sadly, this book wasn't for me AT ALL.

The description above is NOT what is on amazon and quite frankly if it was I WOULDN'T have bought the book. I went into this book thinking it was have been a bloodfest zombie filled book. It wasn't! The beginning starts out fantastic with the zombie attack in a small village in Ireland. I thought "Great this book is going to action pact and full of horrible zombies" but it is downhill until the last 30 odd pages and that was when we get to see some more zombies and really get a not to bad story.  Those last pages of zombies saved this book from being a 1 star review sorry.

Now, our main character B......I have never in my live hated a main character so much! B has no redeeming qualities at all!!! B is just a horrible, horrible person. Yes, B's father is a racist but I am sorry we all have our own minds. B thought it was easier to go along with being racist just to make life easier. I was utterly disgusted by this and the actions of B. Also with B there is meant to be a big twist in the story. But it was so easy to figure so for me there was no twists or turns that would usually keep my interest.

Personally, I don't recommend this book if you are looking for a good Zombie read. Yes the end beginning and ending were ok but the rest is very immature and boring.  Now this is just my opinion. There is so many amazing reviews raving about this book and the author has a large following. But sadly, even though the ending was ok I am in no rush to go out buy the next book. Will I continue with the books?? Maybe, if I can find them cheap enough.

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  1. I haven't read this but I don't like zombies. Good review though. You're right you need to be honest with reviews.


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