We Are Now Using Disqus

The past few weeks we have been getting so many spam comments and blogger isn't doing much to filter them. So I decided to add Disqus for our comments. It actually makes it easier to comment because you can comment using twitter/facebook accounts. The only downside is if you are viewing the blog via mobile site**. If you comment in the mobile mode your comments won't be seen because disqus doesn't show in mobile. So you will need to click the "view full site" to be able to see the disqus box and for your comments to be seen on the full site. 

I hope this makes it easier for followers and stops or at least cuts  down on the spam!!

**Update: Disqus is now on our blogger mobile site


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  2. I know it is great! It weird though, your comment on blogger mobile is showing under my name :S So strange! lol.

  3. How did you add disqus? Our blog has been getting so many spam comments lately that i'm thinking of changing too

  4. You will need to create an account/registar your blog but this link should work https://disqus.com/admin/signup/


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