Book Review: Ten Tiny Breaths (Ten Tiny Breaths #1) by K.A Tucker

Reviewed By: Siobhán
Format: Kindle Ebook
Pages: 264
Published: 9th Dec 2012
Publisher: Papoti Books
Source: Bought
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary
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Kacey Cleary’s whole life imploded four years ago in a drunk-driving accident. Now she’s working hard to bury the pieces left behind—all but one. Her little sister, Livie. Kacey can swallow the constant disapproval from her born-again aunt Darla over her self-destructive lifestyle; she can stop herself from going kick-boxer crazy on Uncle Raymond when he loses the girls’ college funds at a blackjack table. She just needs to keep it together until Livie is no longer a minor, and then they can get the hell out of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

But when Uncle Raymond slides into bed next to Livie one night, Kacey decides it’s time to run. Armed with two bus tickets and dreams of living near the coast, Kacey and Livie start their new lives in a Miami apartment complex, complete with a grumpy landlord, a pervert upstairs, and a neighbor with a stage name perfectly matched to her chosen “profession.” But Kacey’s not worried. She can handle all of them. What she can’t handle is Trent Emerson in apartment 1D.

Kacey doesn’t want to feel. She doesn’t. It’s safer that way. For everyone. But sexy Trent finds a way into her numb heart, reigniting her ability to love again. She starts to believe that maybe she can leave the past where it belongs and start over. Maybe she’s not beyond repair.

But Kacey isn’t the only one who’s broken. Seemingly perfect Trent has an unforgivable past of his own; one that, when discovered, will shatter Kacey’s newly constructed life and send her back into suffocating darkness.

"Ten tiny breaths … Seize them. Feel them. Love them"

FREAKING AMAZING!!!! There are no words that can help me convey how much I loved this book. It was truly one of the best New Adult Contemporary reads I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

Ten Tiny Breaths is told from Kacey's POV, a young woman who is still dealing with grief of losing her parents in a car crash. She is completely shattered emotionally even fours years on. Escaping her Aunts house with her sister she heads to Miami. Kacey tries so hard to keep up her protective shield and not let anyone in but neighbours, Storm and her daughter Mia manage to make Kacey feel. And so does Trent her sexy neighbour who she can't help but fall for. However, Trent is also hiding a dark secret that could very well destroy Kacey emotional.

I loved every word of this book. I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. I was left completely breathless but the end of the book. I just sat there crying for a good ten minutes. I had invested so much in the story and the characters lives that by the end I felt like I was saying goodbye to friends. Kacey is one of those rare characters who is selfish and is quite destructive. But when she moves to Miami with Livie she tries her hardest to make sure Livie finishes school. She tries her hardest to be strong and show no weakness but little by little she lets people in and loves them. Livie is a adorable. Only fifteen she is so mature and just so innocent and sweet. Storm is their neighbour and she is genuinely a nice person people. She is a great friend to Kacey. Her daughter Mia is super sweet and has the ability to melt anyone's heart. Now Trent........OMG, sex on a stick! ;-) I 100% fell head over heel in love with Trent. He was so sweet and doesn't push Kacey. He wants to take thing slow and he wants to help her. I want me a Trent!

Now there is a lot of this book that I want to talk about but simply can't because it would spoil A LOT of the story. And I just can't do that to you. You just HAVE to read it. Ten Tiny Breaths is one of those fast paced stories that grips your heart, sucks you right in and leave you completely breathless. It was so emotional and crazy and good. I had figure out pretty early on how the book was going to play out but the journey getting there was on hell of ride!!

Overall, I highly recommend Ten Tiny Breath!! It is outstanding, emotional, sexy and full of drama that I devoured the book in just over 3 hours!! I don't really know what else so say about the story just go read it for yourself. It will not disappoint!!

Oh the cover, it fits perfectly!!!!! It conveys Kacey and her feelings of drowning in her emotions. It is bold, eye catching and little bit sexy but it has a hint of mystery with Kacey hiding her face which could represent her feelings and how she feels like she has to hide her past. Well done to cover artist!! It is one of the best indie covers I have seen.


  1. Yet another book to add to my wishlist! Stop reviewing all these books lady!

    Great Review.

    1. I would say I am sorry but I am not!! Download this one today!! Trust me K, you will love it.

    2. I'll start it after work.

      Let you know if I like it.

  2. This one sounds interesting, but maybe a bit depressing for me? I'll keep a look out for more reviews of it, anyway, and see if it's something to put on the tbr list.

  3. Really want to read this book! It sounds awesome!

    ~ Yvonne


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