Book Review: Irresistible by Liz Bankes

Reviewed by: Siobhán
Format: ARC Paperback
Pages: 224
Published: 25th April 2013*
Publisher: Piccadily Press
Source: Publisher for Review
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary
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When Mia gets a summer job in a country club, she strikes up a friendship with the laid-back and funny Dan. During shifts they keep each other amused and make plans to go travelling. However, from the beginning Mia finds herself drawn to the wealthy bad boy, Jamie. Jamie and his beautiful and privileged girlfriend Cleo relieve their boredom by messing with people's lives. Mia knows that her relationship with Jamie is wrong, but there's something so dangerously exciting about him that she just can't stop.
I have been in a weird slump the past few months so my reading has slowed right now. However, I have found a special new genre that has brought me out my slump. New Adult. I have only read a few but let me tell you, Irresistible has certainly set the bar on what a perfect New Adult read should be like. Irresistible was simply Irresistible. It was truly one of those rare reads that captivated me, so much so that I sat and read the book in one sitting in about 3 hours. That has got to be some kind of record for me!!

Irresistible is about Mia and the summer after she finishes are exams at school. She takes on a summer job at the very posh Radleigh Castle. On her first day she immediately sparks with her fellow co-worker Dan. However, Mia also gets a glimpse on how the more privileged lived. And she finds herself drawn to the handsome Jamie and his girlfriend, Cleo. While falling for Dan she can't seem to resist Jamie even though she knows it is wrong.

Yeah, so ........ Yeah!! Freaking amazing. I loved every single word in this little gem. I adored Mia. I thought she was so funny and cute. She makes mistakes and has some trust issues but that is understandable when you learn about her previous relationship. With Dan though, it's all so easy. He is lovely and sweet and the two of them are adorable. But like any good romance read you need to have that bad boy. Enter Jamie. He is a complete tool at times. Him and Cleo like to screw up people lives just for the fun of it. (Cruel Intentions??) He has this danger about him that I am not going to lie, it drew me in. I can't help it I am a sucker for a bad boy. Mia knows that falling for Jamie are wrong and that they shouldn't become closer because of Cleo. But Jamie could no doubt charm the pants of just about anyone and at times you do get to see a softer and almost sweeter side to him.

There is never a dull moment within the story. That takes talent in my eyes. Even some of the best books I have read can have some pretty dull parts but Irresistible didn't have any. It kept be hooked from the first word. Liz takes the reader on one outstanding ride. We watch the characters going through so much drama and heartache but she manages to keep the story light and witty and just perfect. Irresistible also has one of the best endings ever!! When I got to the last page and turned to see there was no more I was actually sitting screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! IT CAN NOT END NOW!!!" The ending had me freaking out. I can only hope that Liz writes a sequel (Pretty please?!?!?) I NEED more!!

Overall, Irresistible was truly amazing. It was such a quick and fun read that I fell in love with. The author has created a humorous and engaging New Adult novel that will no doubt be loved by older teens and adults. 
Rate: 5/5


  1. Pre-ordered the paperback! Sounds great. Nice review.

    1. Hope you enjoy. I'm thinking of preordering a finished copy


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