A Quickie With.....Siobhán and Destiny

Today is a quick post from both Admins about what got us into Erotica Fiction. 

Siobhán: Erotica fiction is something that I am still quite new to. I honestly haven't read much but what I have I usually enjoy. And I do have a certain theme that seems to attract me and that is BDSM. You would think as a beginner I would ease myself up to that but nope I went head first into this kinky reading world and I love it. It is exciting and steamy and since I'm very opened minded with sex I guess it just made sense to go straight to those themes.

And the books that got me started........yeah that's right, it was Fifty Shades of Grey, whether you love or hate them, these books have brought Erotica into the main stream. Erotica has always been there but now everyone is openly reading them and because of those books more people are turning to new genres. I for one was never ashamed to read Erotica I just never really thought about reading it I didn't think it was something I would enjoy but I am so glad I read Fifty and hope to read many many many more naughty novels.

Destiny: I got into erotica by pure accident. I picked up Personal Assets by Emma Holly because it had a Parisian setting (which I adore) and it had a great cover. Oh my when I started reading it - I was surprised - in a good way! These characters took a plain old love story and made it HOT! I was hooked. I immediately bought the rest of Emma Holly's books and the Channel series by Bertrice Small. Keeping in mind I was just starting college and had little personal experience at that point, I was beyond intrigued at what and how these characters interacted. And the scandal that worked itself into some plots - addictive! I absolutely love erotica because its more than a sweet love story. The characters seem more real, flawed, and relatable. I have been looking forward to Naughty November all month so I can pull out some of my TBR erotica novels!

Why not share in the comments what got you into reading Erotica Fiction?


  1. Fifty Shades of Grey and you already know I loved it! Since then I've read many erotica books like Bared to You, Captive in the Dark, Finding Home etc... I can't wait to read more! =)

  2. BookLoverPrincessFriday, 02 November, 2012

    50Shades aswell. :D I didn't think I'd like them but got hooked. Great theme for this month.


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