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What exactly is “BDSM-lite”? I mean BDSM is BDSM, right? Actually, there are so many degrees of this sexual preference, you can be practicing it and not even know it! Let’s start with the basics. BDSM is an acronym combining the practices of bondage and discipline (B/D), dominance and submission (D/s), and sadism and masochism (S&M) (that last one sounds scary, doesn’t it?). There are a couple of fundamental constants with any BDSM activity. First, play must be safe, sane, and consensual (SSC), and second, a deep level of trust is imperative between the parties involved.

Think of BDSM like the game of trust you played as a kid. Remember when you stood in front of your friend and leaned backward? If he/she wasn’t there, you would’ve toppled over and made a complete fool or yourself. How did you feel before you purposely fell backward? Scared...excited...trusting? Sure, you wouldn’t fall backwards unless you were pretty damn sure that person would catch you. You trusted them implicitly. Same goes for BDSM. One person (the “sub” or the “bottom”) gives themselves over to the other (the “dom” or the “top”) without question.

So how is BDSM-lite different from hard core BDSM? Everyone’s definitions are unique but I like to think the “lite” version takes certain hard core elements and focuses on erotic sexy play rather than the discipline and pain infliction. The scene is playful, not serious. Take restraints for example. They can be in the form of a fluffy pair of handcuffs, the dom’s belt tied around the sub’s wrists behind her back, silky sashes tied to the headboard, velcro ankle restraints, or simply the dom pinning his sub’s hands over her head against the wall. Once restrained, they sub is at the dom’s mercy and just like in the childhood game, she must trust the dom to ensure she receives pleasure without getting hurt. The dom has the responsibility and pleasure of total access to the subs body to kiss, lick and tease her to his hearts content. Sexy, right?

Curious about BDSM lite? Check out my new series, The Satin Rose Experience (SRE). The introduction is the lead story in the Keyboards and Kink Anthology. Mia’s Submission (The Satin Rose Experience, book 1) continues Mia and Asher’s love story. Then meet Brooke, Ty and Jackson in Brooke’s Wish (available November 2nd).

Mia's Submission: Amazon UK I Amazon US
Brooke's Wish: Amazon UK I Amazon US

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  1. Awesome post! I love finding out about more authors that write these reads. Thanks girls!

    1. Same here. :) we have a few more posts coming throughout the month ;)

    2. Great feature, Siobhan! Thank you for having me on Totally Bookalicious today. :)

  2. I love the series. A bit of the BDSM world without being scary or impersonal. For anyone who has an interest, but hasn't read them, I absolutely recommend them!

  3. I think the SRE is a great series to start with if you've never read BDSM and are curious about it. I never did play that trust game. I didn't trust anyone to catch me!

  4. Thank you for popping over and taking the time to say hi, ladies! I appreciate your ongoing support for SRE.

    I wasn't a fan of the trust game either, Susan. I guess that's an indication of the deep level of trust needed to submit to another. There's trusting someone and then there's *really* trusting someone.



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