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Why Write Erotica?
By R. Brennan

I suppose the question is as good as any, and one I’ve been asked more than a handful of times since embarking on my “authorly” journey about a year and a half ago. When I started to think about my answer to this oft asked question, I came to the realization historical romance writers have been dealing with this query since the coining of the phrase I know many erotica and romance authors love to hate -- “bodice rippers”. I think in their day, historical romance authors were the erotic romance writers of the time. And let me tell you, when I was a high school senior, I was eating up these stories at a speed of three a week, and filling my brain with more purple prose and sensual interludes than a girl could ever need. But, I just couldn’t get enough.

Until the fateful day when the ending of the novel I devoured didn’t digest well. In fact, it annoyed me to no end and left me feeling cheated. At that moment, I decided I could write a romance just as good as this one, so why was I spending all my money on other people’s stories? So I sat down, quite full of myself and my ability to weave a tale, and started writing. I managed a whole three chapters of that fledgling attempt, before I realized how much research was involved in writing a historical. I still have those first chapters and every so often I will take them out and give them a once over -- just to remind me of where I started, and how far I’ve come
Anyway, when I got myself back into writing after a long hiatus of life, jobs, boyfriends, a husband, and eventually children, I realized most of the stories I was writing had elements of romance, and the romantic scenes that formed in my brain, were not of the “virginal variety”. In fact, some were quite steamy. After I completed my first erotic story, a horror short for an anthology seeking submissions, I gave it to my darling bo-hunk, Pete to read for me. 

His words to me when he’d finished reading cemented my fate as an author of erotica -- “Hun, this is good. Like amazing good. You need to stop writing all that other stuff and just write erotica. This IS your wheelhouse.” 

While I do still write more mainstream fiction, there was no going back for me after that. I try to spend as much of my writing time on “adult” stories as I do everything else. 

I am an erotica author, and damned proud to be one. Besides, I like to think I am following another age old adage when I write steamy love stories -- that being WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW. I am happy to say, I know sex *grins* 

About The Author
R. Brennan is an erotica author currently living in Upstate, NY. An avid writer, R. Brennan is working on a collection of erotic shorts in the hopes of submitting the collection for print publication in the near future.

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