Movie Night: Snow White and The Huntsman

Movie: Snow White and the Huntman
Cert: 12A (UK)
Release: 30th May 2012 (UK)
Genre: Action, Fairy Tale
Director: Rupert Sanders
My IMDB Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ 9/10  

Snow White is the only person in the land fairer than the evil queen. Unable to tolerate the insult to her vanity, the evil queen decides that Snow White must die. The queen sends a huntsman to kill Snow White. However the huntsman finds himself unable to murder the innocent young woman, and instead ends up training her to become a warrior capable of threatening the queen's reign. Written by WellardRockard  

**To View Spoilers Hightlight Spoiler Section.

My Thoughts:
I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman tonight with my friend and decided I wanted to share my thoughts on the movie. This is NOT a review, I am horrible at movie reviews, it is just a small post about the movie.

SWATH has been one of movies of 2012 I have been the most excited for. I love movie versions of fairytale retellings. When I first seen the trailer months ago I was giddy as hell. It look simply amazing. And after seeing it tonight, it didn't disappoint...well there is a few wee things that bugged me but overall it was epic!!

Now if you are a Kristen hater move along I don't want your hate. You are entitled to your opinion but I don't want hate on my blog. I love Kristen I do. I have small girl crush on her. And it was refreshing seeing her in a action packed movie. I have seen all her movies and this is my 2nd fave movie of hers (The Runaways being no.1 haha I bet you thought I would say Twilight lol) Anyway, she was awesome and kickass and her English accent was actually very good and cute. Chris Hemsworth......oh my G do I even need to say anything. Drooltastic. He is sexy and manly and ooooooooo yeah! He was pretty good as the huntsman but his accent......OK, he is meant to have a Scottish accent and honestly it was pretty spot on at parts. However, it slipped a few times and it went from Scottish to Australian to English and then back to Scottish. Lol. But apart from that he was perfect! OK, Charlize Theron as the evil queen.WOW. I wouldn't mess with her. She is wonderful and dark and creepy. But yeah, it's Charlize Theron the lady is goddess.

I loved the twist on the story. Now I haven't read the original (I know Shame on me) so I don't really know any versions other than the disney lol. I did see Snow White: A tale of Terror years and years ago but I barely remember it but I do know that this version is fresh and new but with a few of the original snow white elements. SWATH is more of action movie. And it was action packed from start to finish. I love my action movies so that with the fairy tale twist was a winner for me.

The only thing that kinda bugged me was the ending! It was a good ending but it wasn't what I expected it to end.** Overall an epic action packed fairy tale that I hope will have a sequel.  

**Spoiler< OK, We all know Snow White eats the apple and dies right? And I loved that it's the Huntsman that kisses her not the prince (I didn't know that happened in the original until my friend told me pretty cool) Now I loved that. So when the ending came and Snow White is crowned Queen and her eyes meet with the Huntsman over the crowded room I was willing her to run to him. Kiss him, tell him she loved him because he so loves her you can tell. But NOPE they didn't kiss. I was quite upset that they didn't. I get that it was to keep with the story but come on throw in a movie romance kiss keep us girls happy!!! But still pretty awesome>Spoiler


  1. Hey Siobhan,

    I went to see this movie with a friend and my husband last night too! I was very very excited for it due to the song Florence and the Machine did for it. I'm glad you liked it. My review was not so nice, I kept seeing bits of other movies in it and so found the originality lacking. Charlize Theron however, was a rockstar!

  2. I'm looking forward to this movie. Now I'm not Kristen's #1 fan although I did like her in The Runaways but I still have some faith that she'll rock in this film and as for the cast . . . looks beyond epic! Chris Hemsworth - boy, he'll be a sure delight for a lot of us fangals that's for sure! :) Great review!

    1. I hope you like it. It was sooo good. Defo one of her best roles. I hope she gets more action roles. And yip Chris.....OMG makes my knees weak. lol. Worth a trip to the cinema for!! lol

  3. Hmm I was thinking of passing this one up but maybe I'll have to give it a shot!

    1. Personally I loved it. :) but if it one you aren't sure of I'd say wait for the dvd although the visual effects need to be see on the big screen.

  4. The story is good but i also kept seeing bits of other movies in it. I watched it only because of Chris Hemsworth :-) so it was worth it. Have loved him ever since i first saw him in Star Trek.


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