Bites by Ninfa Hayes

Reviewed by: Siobhán
Format:  Kindle Ebook
Published:  Bitten by Books
Publisher:  25th March 2012
Source: Author for Review
Genre: Paranormal
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Irina is about to become Queen of the Daemonic Court and Damon is on the run from his own nature ... where will their paths take them?

Two short stories that will seduce you with romance, danger, sensuality ... and Vampire bites.

Ninfa is a very good facebook friend of mine and I am so excited for her to be published. When she asked to review her book I was of course excited and nervous. Excited because I was getting to read it and nervous because I had to review it. lol. However, I had a nothing to be nervous about because Ninfa is an amazing and talent upcoming author who completely seduced me with this wonderful and dark book.

Bites has two short stories. LAST OF THE BLOOD  and DEMONICA. Last of the Blood follow Damon, a vampire who over the years develops an inner struggle with his vampire nature. Demonica follows Irina, a young girl who has the mark of Lylith. And is on her way to become the Queen of the Daemonic Court.

I'm not going to go into much details on either of these stories because I feel if I started to review each stories indivually I would give away major spoilers.

Last of the Blood was a very interesting read. I wasn't 100% grip to the story but I did really enjoy it. Damon was a young man when he was turned into vampire and his story takes place over nearly 100 years. Damon was a character that I did like, I didn't love him but I was drawn to his struggle and found that the ending of his story was perfect and sad, it made me cry.

Demonica, now OMG, I loved loved loved this. I devoured this short story. The mythology if the story is what I loved. Irina is such a strong character that it would be hard not to enjoy her story. She doesn't like her boring life with her mother so when she is offered a new life she embraces it.  And of course Ninfa has put a certain angel into this story that I have alway been fascinated by, so that gets extra thumbs up from me.

Overall, Bites is a fantastic, well writen book that is dark, sexy and if you are anything like me it will seduce you completely and leave you begging for more!!

Rate: 5/5


  1. Fantastic review!! this book sound interesting I will ADD it to my TBR pile :D

    1. Yes, its amazing. It's really cheap on kindle just now. But I think under £5 in Book Depository UK! Link is in review above.

  2. i cant wait for this book to come out in paperback :) it sounds really good. love your review :) definitly gonna preorder :)


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