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Today it's our pleasure to Introduce Rayka Mennan. She is provided us with a wonderful guest post. And Entangled Publishing have very kindly offer an ebook of the authors book to giveaway to one of our followers. :)

Thanks for hosting me here at Totally Bookalicious. Destiny and Siobhan, I’ve enjoyed your debates on the various books covers you feature. Speaking of covers, I love both of mine so much, I even had t shirts made. When I saw the cover for Enchanted Destiny, I was so charmed. The cover artist had captured my image of Kat, my heroine, perfectly. And we hadn’t even discussed it. She had read the book though. So when she emailed me the cover to the sequel, Enchanted Desire, I was almost afraid to look. Could she do it a second time? Voila! She sure did. The image fits Gina, the heroine, to a T. The funny thing is, Heather bought that graphic after just hearing about the book. I hadn’t finished it and she hadn’t read it. 

I read a funny article the other day about a romance novel cover where the artist had forgotten to take off an arm, leaving us with the famous three-armed heroine. Ack! And have you ever read a book and looked back at the cover and thought…seriously? Someone thought that blonde looked just like the brown-haired heroine? Me too. I know ultimately, the writing is what makes the book. But I have browsed the shelves and not picked up a book because I didn’t like the cover. Now with the e-readers, that might be less of an issue for me. I spend less time browsing the book. I look it up, scroll down to read the reviews and buy with one click. 

So what’s the best cover you’ve ever seen? The best match between the main characters and what’s on the cover? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Cheers, Rayka 

About the Book
Title: Enchanted Destiny (Enchanted Destiny, #1)
Author: Rayka Mennen
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Launch Date: October 2011
ISBN: 978-1-937044-42-8
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Amazon Kindle: UK I US

Destiny’s never looked so good…

Kat never believed she’d fall victim to her family’s stories about destined soul mates—she makes her own fate, thank you very much. When she walks by a construction site and admires the same sexy architect for the zillionth time in a week, the last thing she expects is to be slammed by a vision of his death.

Which activates the spell that will change their lives forever.

Jake is a single dad with a singular focus—create a stable life for him and his son. His ex-wife cured him of any desire to fall in love, but when an intriguing woman saves him from what should’ve been a deadly accident, he can’t shake his fascination. Too bad she’s crazy, claiming she’s a witch and that they’re soul mates—not exactly the “stable life” he had in mind.

Kat’s destiny comes with a deadline. If they don’t fall in love by her twenty-fifth birthday—a mere three weeks away—Jake will never find the peace he seeks and Kat will lose her magic forever.

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  1. So what’s the best cover you’ve ever seen? The best match between the main characters and what’s on the cover?

    My answer to this is the ones where the characters show each other (the man and lady look into each others eyes, hugging and/or kissing) how much passion they have between one another (romance novels)

  2. Hmm the best cover I've ever seen... thats hard! Well I LOVED the UK shoe cover of Third Grave Dead Ahead, until they changed it. I like when covers "match" it bugs the junk out of me when they switch it up half way though a series.

  3. i love the house of night covers i think all of them give the book a great look and feel


  4. I love the Hex Hall series book covers. They seem to fit the books perfect. Thanks for a great post.

  5. Thanks for visiting folks. Looks like the fit of the cover to the story is important.
    Cheers, Rayka

  6. Hey Rayka! I agree the book cover is SO important! I think one of my faves is Lili St. Crow's Strange Angles series. All of those covers, to me, fit the feel of the books perfectly.

    You're cover rocks, BTW :D

  7. Congrats on the release, Rayka.
    I rarely consider the cover when buying a book.

    I buy according to author, recommendations and book buzz.

    Though I did love the covers for P.C. Cast 'House of Night' series.

  8. Great post! I've bought plenty of books for the pretty cover, so it might be whats inside that counts ut sometimes it's what's on the outside that attracts us in the first place :)
    Your book sounds fab and the cover is lovely :)

  9. I can't enter the contest due to no ereader :( However just thought I would put my 2 cents in and say how great the book sounds!! Good luck all!!

  10. Congrats on winning Angela!! :)


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