Blood and Allegiance (Athlandia #1) by Annette Hart

Pages: 163
Published: January 15th 2009
Publisher: Nightingale Books, Pegasus Publishing
Genre: Younger Reader Fantasy

Orphaned young, Bryony is brought up in the sheltered community of an abbey. When she turns 14, she is sent to join her cousin, the King of Athlandia, at Court, and the only family she knows. However, she soon learns that the King is not as benevolent as she thought and things in the country are not quite as they seem. When an event occurs that changes her perception of her family, Bryony has to decide where her loyalty and friendships lie.

I just want to thank Annette for kindly signing this book and letting me review.

Blood and Allegiance was a wonderful and beautifully written story set in a Imaginary Medievil world. I haven't read many books in the proper Fantasy genre and I am going to start. I really enjoyed this and read in a few hours.

Blood and Allegiance follows the story of Bryony who is sent to live with her cousin, The King, after growing in an abbey with nuns after her parents "died". Bryony is a really sweet girl. And I real role model I feel for younger readers. She isn't selfish and she loves her friends. When she is sent to live with the cousin she soon befriends her servant, Milly. Milly is a reallu bubbly character you can't help but smile at. 

Throughout the story there are alot of different characters. However, not too many that it gets confusing. There are some you  will love and of course some you are going to hate like the King. King appears at first to care for Bryony, he wouldn't send for her to live with him if he didn't care right? As the story continues we see the character he really is. He is selfish and brutal and I just didn't like him. I real villian that I think boys will like lol.

Annette Hart has produced a wonderful story that is perfect for children ages 10+. It will make a fun and light bedtime story that will be enjoyed by young and old.


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