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I thought we would have a wee break from book blogging and do a little personal blog post. I will try and do these more often not promising, you all know I suck at sticking to schedules lol.  Today's post as you can tell from the header is…………SHOES!!!!!!

Have you heard of a little website called everything5pound.com? Right, if you haven't you NEEEEEEEEEEED to get your butts over there. Everything is (yip you guessed it) £5!!! No joke!! No really I am not messing with you. £5 per item apart from the stuff in their "Designer Tab". I have been using this site for years. Mainly for shoes. So you can guess my excitement when they had a sale on!!! A section with shoes for £1.99!!!! I may have went a little crazy but ah well. 7 pairs for £14 can't really complain!!!!

Please say hello my new lovers!! 

Aren't they just gorgeous?!?!? I may have been stalking my postman for days!!!!!! But can you f*cking blame me?? Look at these bad boys!!
I so could have bought more but I couldn't fit it into my already tiny budget, I just made it with these ones. Now I am not going to lie I can't freaking walk in them. These will be my "sit down and get someone else to go the bar all night" shoes. Well, apart from the boots. Those are so comfy. So let me introduce you to each of my new lovers because I know you want too.

These babies are black with a fake snakeskin look. 5inch heel and 1.5inch platform. These are just very glam rocker. Very me!! They are a little tight around the toes but thankfully that buckle at the toes actually moves so I can loosen them a little so my toes can move LOL.

Do I even need to say why? They are pink and they sparkle!!!!! Glitter!! You can't go wrong. The heel is 5.5inches and again 1.5inch platform. These seriously hurt my toes so I may need to break them in. I am tempted to order the green in these aswell but try the next size up. Because why the hell not right??

Speaking of green shoes……I needed a pair of green heels because I love green. What Slytherin girl doesn't?? These are actually super cute on. They are quite roomy so I can move my toes in them. Always a bonus. Again a big heel at 5inches and a 2inch platform. I need the height ok!! LOL


Black, spikes and a pink sole! Do I need to explain it anymore?? I am in love with these ones. I just had to have them. Feeding my inner rock chick with these. With a 5.5inch heel and 1inch platform and covered in gold stud so don't mess with me when I am wearing them that's all I am saying. HAHAHA. Only Joking.

I loved these so much that I bought two pairs in two different colours. Black and Khaki, although they are more brown to me. LOL. I can actually walk in these!! Flats!!! I love a good biker boot. They are super comfy and keep my feet dry against the crap Scottish rain. I have already wore the black ones. Couldn't resist!!! I wasn't sure about the chain on them at first but I do love them. I am tempted to order another pair and taking the chain off and adding some lace to it as someone in the reviews on the site has done. I think that would make them look a little more girly for when I want a girly day but still want to wear biker boots. Lol.

And last but not least. Let me introduce you to my favourite pair. My number one lover!!!  Ladies and Gentlemen please give a warm welcome to……..

Or As I call them…


I seen these and I just knew I needed. I didn't want them I NEEDED them. They have a very Carrie Bradshaw feel to me. And she is just an icon!!! I love Sex and the City and that woman loves her shoes and these ones just SCREAM "Carrie would love these" They are glittery. They are cute AF and they most importantly don't pinch my feet!!! I can't believe they only cost me £1.99!!! I shall just drool over them while typing up this post. Because with another pair that are 5inchs and a 1.5inch platform I will struggle to walk in them. These ones I almost don't want to wear because they are so stunning. 

Well……now that you have meet my newbies to my new addiction of shoes. I shall leave you to drool over them yourselves while I sit in complete shoe heaven.

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