#BookReview: The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan

May Contain a still spoiler. Not massive and I haven't went into much detail but just wanted to a put a warning up anyway. lol. 

Title: The Lover's Dictionary
Format: eBook
Pages: 229
Published: 1st Feb 2011
Publisher: Fourth Estate
Source: Bought
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Shelfability:  Acquire

About The Book
How does one talk about love? Do we even have the right words to describe something that can be both utterly mundane and completely transcendent, pulling us out of our everyday lives and making us feel a part of something greater than ourselves? Taking a unique approach to this problem, the nameless narrator of David Levithan’s The Lover's Dictionary has constructed the story of his relationship as a dictionary. Through these short entries, he provides an intimate window into the great events and quotidian trifles of being within a couple, giving us an indelible and deeply moving portrait of love in our time.

The Lover's Dictionary is a hard one to review. So I'm going to keep it short. I first bought this book back  in 2012 and I didn't like it. I couldn't get into the story. I just didn't feel it.  Now 5 years on I wanted to give it another go and I'm glad I did. It's so unique and captivating.

It's a love story told in the form of a dictionary. Each definition relates to certain aspects of the narrators life. From online dating, to moving in with his girlfriend, to dealing with heartache. The author manages to convey a powerful love story in such a way that blew my mind.

You find yourself getting really invested in the characters life. His name is never revealed which I think makes it more relate-able, as you can put yourself in to his place. Really seeing everything through his eyes as if they are your own.  The narrative is so addictive that you will completely devour this book and not even realise it.

My only complaint about this is just a personal thing and it's not actually a bad thing. There is a scene that involves an American Idiot tour T shirt and a fire. That's all I'm going you say. As a massive green day fan let's just say it pissed me off something awful. Other than that The Lover's Dictionary is a fabulous love story and I highly recommend it.

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