#FascinatedFriday: The Brokenhearted

Fascinated Friday a weekly meme hosted by Shubba at Wee Shubba's World.
Each week I will share a book cover that I am completely fascinated by for whatever reason. There are many memes like this so I take no original credit. It's just a fun meme to show off the many amazing and fascinating book covers that are around.

The Brokenhearted

I happen to come across this by pure chance. I was searching on google for unique YA cover and this popped up. I have never heard of it before but it certainly has me fascinated. I love the colours of the cover. The dark pinks/purples and black tones are very appealing to me.

The imagine of a mechanical type heart and the tag line "My Heart Stopped. My Life Started." It's screams cyborg!!! Science fiction and awesomeness. If anyone has read this one let me know. And check out the animated cover!!!

Want to know what the book is all about? Go check it out 

Feel free take part and let us know What cover has Fascinated you?

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