#MovieReview: The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do The Time Warp Again (2016)

Movie: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (TV Remake)
Cert: 12A(UK)/PG-13*
Release: 20th Oct 2016
Genre:Comedy, Horror, Musical
Writers (screenplay), (original screenplay)
My Rating: 2.5 out of 5 

*I don't know the official cert for this is. I am just going with what I feel like it should be
About The Movie
It's the weird and wonderful as newly engaged couple Brad and Janet encounter a problem when their car halts in the rain. They both look for contact, only to find themselves at the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite. A place to stay is offered, but will Brad and Janet want to remain there? Especially when a large group of Transylvanians dance to the 'Time Warp', Dr. Frank-N-Furter builds his own man and a whole host of participation for the audience to enjoy. - Written by Simon (IMDb)

If you know me at all you will know that I freaking love Rocky Horror. I love the original move and I finally got to see the show live this year - if you want to see my thoughts on that check my THIS blog post. Now when I first heard they were doing TV movie remake, my first thought was "OK this might be good." Then I seen the casting and just thought "Oh dear god no" However, Friday night I finally sat down and gave this a go. And while I am still not sure the casting is right. It was watchable and I did sing along but it just doesn't have the same spark as the cult classic. 

Have you ever seen the movie or live show? If you have then you know exactly why Rocky Horror is iconic. The crazy sexy plot, the catchy tunes and the brilliant chemistry are what makes the original the epic Cult Classic it is. The remake of course has the catchy tunes and the same crazy plot but it was just lacking in chemistry. Rocky Horror is rather risque, it's meant to be sexy, thrilling and exciting. For me, the remake very PG and tame. Quoting a friend "It's Vanilla" 

I won't go into the plot because it's the same plot for the last 40 years and if you don't know what this is about where have you been? Go watch the original right now!!!! What I do want to talk about is the casting. I am going to get this one out the way first. Victoria Justice! Like seriously, WTF who thought she would make a good Janet? The girl can sing and she is beautiful. However, she just isn't Janet. I found her performance very boring. The same with Brad. I have no idea who he is but NO just NO!!!

Rif Raf and Magenta? OK They weren't actually too bad. I did think Rif Raf could have notched it up a little. He had the look but the acting could have been easily better. I have to admit I like Christina Milian. I thought her performance was actually spot on. And her hair? I want so much. As for the rest of the cast? Columbia, Eddie and Rocky himself? Oh dear Why? The only thing I like about Columbia was her costumes. 
And now, let me talk about Dr Frank N Furter. I love Laverne Cox, I think she a fantastic actress and yes I applaud FOX for casting someone who is Trans as a main role. HOWEVER, as much as I wanted to love her as Frank she is just didn't it for me. Yes, she is stunning and she is rocking those outfits but for me the whole appeal of Frank is that he is Man! He is man building a Man. He is a very masculine character even if he is waiting a corset and suspenders but he is still manly. Laverne is just too feminine to really pull this off. Her performance during the speaking parts is a little off. I felt like she was trying way too hard. When she was singing though? Yes that's when I love her.
There is scene at near the end where they are all singing and dancing. And I have to admit this was my favourite. You can see just how much fun the full cast was having and it's where they really all seem to come together and that one moment I felt saved it for me. Their outfits I am not sure about and Laverne seemed to be channeling Tina Turner and little of Beyonce. If you have seen it you know what I am talking about. I felt like if she was going to break out into "Proud Mary" it wouldn't have felt out the place lol. But look her in the pic below. The woman is rocking it and check those legs? Those are a set of pins to be jealous of!!!
What I did love about this remake was having Tim Curry as the criminologist. I thought that was a lovely tribute and a nice bonus for the fans for the original casting because let's face Tim Curry to many people IS Frank!!! He is perfect. To many people no one can ever compare to him because he plays that role so well. I think Laverne was trying to channel Tim but it just didn't work. 

If you are a fan of Rocky Horror I do suggesting watching it. Just don't expect too much from it. You will sing along whether you like the remake or not because the songs are the same and you just can't help yourself. If you haven't seen Rocky Horror before then go straight for the movie and then if you can watch the 40th Anniversary Live Show with David Bedella as Frank, he is my Frank!! 
I mean come on!! Look at him!!! He is just screams SEX!!!!!! Perfection!!!


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