*Book Review* Kingpin by Lili St. Germain

Title: Kingpin (Cartel #2)
Format: eArc
Pages: 336
Published: 14th De 2015
Publisher: HarperCollins
Source: Publisher for Review
Genre: Dark Romance, Erotica
Shelfability: Covet

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The second scorching novel in the USA Today bestselling Cartel trilogy from the smash-hit author Lili St Germain.

They say love conquers all.

It's a lie.

Five days a week, I dressed in smart business clothes. I painted my face, and went to work as an accountant. But nothing about my life was normal.

For eight years I had been the property of the Gypsy Brothers Motorcycle Club. I laundered their money so well they'd never let me leave. My only glimmer of light was the man I loved. The man who had saved me.


His love had been the only thing that kept the demons at bay. But he'd become so immersed in the cartel's brutal business that I hardly knew him anymore.

Dornan had been my salvation, but he was also my undoing.

Would he pull me down into the darkness until he destroyed me? Could I save him?

Did I even want to?

Kingpin was the last book I read in 2015 and I have been so confused about how I feel about it! It was freaking amazing! Lili St Germain knows exactly how to create an extraordinary tale of sex, love and violence. You are sucked into the story, falling in love with the characters and then you are stabbed in the freaking heart. Left completely heartbroken. Yet finding yourself needing more and more. 

Kingpin is set about 10 years after Cartel but it has flashbacks to catch the reader up with what has been happening in the characters lives. Kingpin is a lot darker than Cartel and more twisted! I grew to love Dornan in Cartel. It was that bad boy allure. And don't get me wrong, I still loved him in Kingpin but I found it really hard to love him. He changes so much between Cartel and Kingpin. Dornan seems to grow darker and darker. We see his slow decline giving into his own demons. And you want is to try and save him. Mariana is madly in love with him. But they are toxic together. The chemistry between them is sizzling and down right scary.

Kingpin is not for the fainthearted. If you want flowers and sweet romance then please do yourself a favour and turn around right now. You will get none of that here. Kingpin is twisted, gritty and dirty as hell. Darkness seeps through this story and only get darker with each page. Not going to lie. I loved every minute of it. Even when I was left in tears and wanting to kill some of characters I still loved it.

I am desperate for the next book. I need to see where the author is going to take characters next. And I can only hope and pray that poor torture Dornan can fight these inner demons and overcome the darkness that is taking over him. We need a happy ending for him.

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