*Book Review* Stealing Light by Julie Cassar

Title: Stealing Light
Format:  eArc
Pages: n/a
Published: Dec 2015
Publisher: Self Published
Source: Author for Review
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Shelfability: Covet
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**About The Book**
"Tonight, everything could change. I wasn’t ready to let go of anyone just yet."
If you could change what you know is coming, would you? Cecelia Walker discovers an amazing ability deep within herself that gives her the power to change the future. When mysterious outsiders enter her life, she begins to question everything and everyone she once knew.
Years earlier, CeeCee’s life changed forever the day her parents were killed in a horrific car accident. Suddenly extraordinary people and bizarre events began to seep into her very small world. Surviving for years on her addiction to coffee and running, life suddenly deals her a game-changing wildcard and all bets are off. Her magnificent Gift of Light awakens a tremendous dark power wanting to steal what is hers.
Will Cecelia be able to change what she’s seen and set a new course? Has she met her otherworldly match against evil and found her true soul mate? Or, is nothing is as it seems as the power of darkness threatens to consume her and those she loves.

Oh My. What can I really say about Stealing Light?!? It was outstanding, mind blowing, freaking amazing and captivating!! I was asked by the author to give an honest review of her new book. And like all her previous books I always have high expectations because I know this lady is incredible. However, this one is on a completely different level to her previous books. It's more mature, more serious and a lot darker!!

CeeCee's life is forever changed when her parents are killed in an car accident leaving her and her brother alone. However, a few years after the accident she is introduced to some extra-ordinary people who guide her when she discovers she isn't "normal". She is gifted. However, can she use her new power and change things or has  she meet her match that threatens those she loves the most?

Julie Cassar has this magical touch when it comes to creating a perfect read. Stealing Light blew my mind. The characters are all so believable. CeeCee is just a really likeable character that I felt connected to her straight away. And for me that is a big important part of reading a book. If I don't connect with a character chances are I won't like the story as much. Thankfully I had no problems. Infact I loved CeeCee. Especially when she is around Cash. (Trying not to spoil anything is so hard!!!) But Cash! Oh dreamboat galore!! He is so sweet and lovely. And so protective of CeeCee. Usually I hate any form of Instalove! And I am not shy about saying that. If you have read other reviews of mine you will know that. Yet with CeeCee and Cash their chemisty is just out of this world and just draws you in more and more. Needing to know everything about them!!

Stealing Light is totally different from the Ruby Blue Series. It's a lot more mature and darker which I love. I am slightly twisted person so I love a good dark and intense read. The storyline is exciting and thrilling and will have the reader hooked. And leave the reader begging for more!! I know I need more!!!

I highly recommend Stealing Light for anyone looking for something a little bit different. It's unique and captivating. And if you are a fan of Julie already then this is a MUST READ!!! It's 100% different from Ruby Blue yet it still has Julie's unique storytelling voice. It's quite simply magical!! 

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