*Book Review* On the Edge of Humanity (Vampires SEALS #1) by S.B Alexander

Title: On the Edge of Humanity (Vampire SEALS #1)
Format: Kindle Ebook
Pages: 325
Published: 28th Dec 2012
Publisher: Self Published
Source: Bought
Genre: YA Paranormal
Shelfability: Acquire

**About The Book**
How far would you go to save a loved one?
Natural-born vampires are born not made. Some humans, who roam the earth, are not even aware they carry such DNA

Sixteen-year-old Jo Mason is lost in a world where traipsing from one foster home to another is normal. She hates her life, she hates school and on most days, she hates living.

Her normal world shifts when she discovers her twin brother Sam has gone missing between Anger Management class and History Class.

She’s called to the principal’s office to meet Lieutenant Webb London, a Navy SEAL who is part of a secret team of natural-born vampires. His mission is to protect the twins from an evil cartel, but he’s too late. With Jo now under his protection, his team searches for Sam.

However, finding and rescuing Sam from the evil cartel may be the easy part. Jo learns she carries a dormant vampire gene that, if activated, could save him. As her normal world fades even more, pushing her closer to the edge of humanity, Jo must decide if her human life is more important than her twin brother

After reading Dare to Kiss by the same author I was looking for more of her work and found this  FREE on amazon! That is right! You can grab this currently for free and I highly suggest getting because it was such a quick and enjoyable read. It's not perfect but overall a really good story.

Jo and Sam are twins who where brought up in the foster system. They only have each other or so they thought. One day Sam disappears and Jo is thrown into a world that she couldn't believe existed let alone be apart of. The only way to save her brother is for Jo to become a vampire. However, can she give up her mortally to save her brother lifes?

On the Edge of Humanity is a really fast read. I completely devoured it. I love vampire books so this was right up my street. I liked the idea of vampires being born instead of made. It's not a new concept but still a nice change from the majority of vampire books where they are made.

I am not 100% sure if I like Jo or not. She irritated me a lot but I did feel sorry for her. She goes through a lot and to be still standing shows that even though she is a whinger proves that she is still a strong character. Sam loves his sister and has always stood up for her even if it gets him into trouble. Then there is Webb and Ben. Webb is a vampire and SEAL. Strong and powerful but you can tell he cares for Jo. Ben is Sam's best friend who is also thrown into this world and I can predict a love triangle building with Jo, Webb and Sam.

The story itself is very fast past so the reader can get caught up in the story very quickly. However, while the story is enjoyable everything happens in a the space of around two weeks. Personally, that just annoys me. I like a story to over a good length of time. Just makes me feel more realistic. Another thing that bugged me was the fact that certain words were repeated a lot e.g "traipsed". Maybe it was just me but who actually says that instead of just saying that the characters walked.

However, overall I found the story a good read. I am looking forward to reading the next two books in the series and I hope that they are just as good and hopefully Jo grows up a bit. 

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