*Book Review* Drive Me Crazy by Portia Macintosh

Title: Drive Me Crazy
Format: Ebook
Pages: n/a
Published: 24th June 2015
Publisher: Carina UK
Source: Author for Review
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Chick Lit
Shelfability: Covet

**About The Book**
It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime...

In reality it was a business trip, prettied up as a romantic mini break, but the man behind the wheel was meant to be Candice Hart’s boss and (married but separated, I swear!) lover. Not Danny the new guy!

Not only is Candice faced with a new driver, but the office’s far too handsome hipster expects her to share the cramped space inside his “fully” restored VW Beetle, aka The Love Bug, and put up with his constant opinions about her life…

Before long she is tired of playing the ‘good girl’ and, with Danny’s help, is determined to finally show the world the real Candice Hart!

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Drive Me Crazy was just Perfect! It's such a fun and quick read that I devoured within two sittings. (Around 8 hours all in). Lately I have been in a slump and this little gem was the perfect fix!!

Candice has been having a secret relationship with her boss for a year. They had planned to go on a "business" trip together to figure out their future. However, things don't go to plan and soon Candice is on her trip with Danny, the new guy. Danny brings out the real Candice and takes her on a journey discovering herself and realising she worth so much more than being a "secret".

The character's are what make this book just a fantastic story. Candice I didn't always like her but I felt sorry for her. I wanted to slap some sense into her for being so naive. Her life revolves around Will. Everything from how she acts to what she wears, even her diet. She irritated me. However, when she is with Danny on the trip she really comes into her own. She discovered who is truly is and starts to actually life. Danny is just a really likable guy. He is down to earth, easy going and is forever getting himself into trouble but in a charming way. Also it helps that is a Hot geek with a sexy topknot and muscles galore lol. Now I can't really go into much details about Will without giving away spoilers. But I hated him from the start!! He is an arse!! That's all I am going to say.

Seriously, I can't fault this book at all. The author nailed everything I need in a good romantic chick lit novel. It's cute, sassy and bloody hilarious. With believable characters who you fall in love with (Danny), feel sorry for (Candice) and freaking Loathe (Will Hart). 

If you are looking for a fun and quick read then please give this a try. Drive Me Crazy is one of those rare books that had me properly laughing out loud. So I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good romantic comedy.

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