#FitBit Newbie!!

Well I caved!!! I have jumped on the Fitbit Bandwagon!! I have been so lazy the past few weeks and lost all motivation to lose weight and get fit. Although I did only gain 1lb so it wasn't too bad!! BUT I am hoping this little gadget will give me the kick up the bum!!

Yesterday I had the app linked up to my iphone for the first full day because I wasn't meant to receive the fitbit one until 17th June! I found that I pushed myself a little further to get my steps. However, we aren't allowed our phones on us at work so I couldn't get the calories burnt that I wanted.
I am hoping that next week I can really push myself and reach all the goal targets. I was going to start this weekend but I have struck down with the dreaded SUMMER COLD!!! I could cry!!

I don't have many friends on it so if you want to connect feel free to add me:
Hopefully after my first full week the scales will be kind to me!!!

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