Getting My Walk On!!

Over the past week I have been a lazy bugger!! 

I know, I know!! It's terrible. But today, it was a lovely morning so I decided that we would walk to school today! So on went the Nike Free Runs and away we went!
We always walk through the park because it is quicker. We reach the end at 8.45am. Plenty of spare time to get to school. Until the Kid tells me he forgot they were having a party and had to wear normal clothes!! I don't think I have moved so fast in my life to get to the parents house. Just praying that there was something half decent for him to wear. 

Thankfully he found something and we had to run up to the two school and reached the gates just after the bell went.

By the time I got back I was shattered and needing a good cuppa LOL (I am addicted to TEA!!!)
Went to check my "MapMyWalk" App and all the rushing around paid off!!!

265kcals!!! It doesn't sound like a lot but that burnt off my breakfast!! 

So back to walking everyday again I think. Unless it's heavy heavy rain then, we will maybe get a taxi and be lazy. LOL

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