*New Rating System* Shelfability

For some time I have been thinking about doing away with the 5 star rating system because it simply just doesn't work for me  anymore. So I  have decided to change it up.

I came across "Shelfability" and thought it was a great idea.

There are three different Categories 
*Covet* *Acquire* *Borrow*

*Covet* A book that I think you just NEED to have on shelves! A book that will be treasured and can be re-read a lot!

*Acquire*   A book I think you should to read! You will enjoy it but it won't blew your mind or make you want to re-read it a lot. 

*Borrow* A book that I think is only really worth the read once! A book you probably won't read again and chances are won't get a place on your shelves.

I was going to change it up and make it more personal to us but decided just leave it as it is. Why mess with a good thing eh? 

I know a lot of people aren't going to like this new system but it is just something I have to do for myself.

Shelfability was created by The Story Siren

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