*Book Review* Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street #3) by Samantha Young

Reviewed By: Siobhán
Format: Paperback
Pages: 405
Published: 16th Jan 2014
Publisher: Penguin
Source: Publisher for Review
Genre: New Adult,  Contemporary, Romance,
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Before Jamaica Lane is the brilliant romantic follow-up to On Dublin Street and Down London Road from bestselling author Samantha Young

Edinburgh was going to be a fresh start for Olivia Holloway. Crippled by shyness around the opposite sex, Olivia nevertheless meets gorgeous postgraduate Nate Sawyer and decides it is time to push her fears aside.

Before long, Olivia and Nate form a close friendship and she finds herself confessing her deepest secrets, and Nate, being her best friend, offers to teach her the art of flirting. As Olivia and Nate's friendship turns intense it soon blossoms into a passionate love affair.

For the first time Olivia opens her heart but what she doesn't realise is that Nate has his own fears and just when she finds herself hopelessly falling for him, Nate's past returns to haunt him.

Will Nate have the courage to confide in Olivia, or will he cut and run? And can Olivia face up to her own fears and keep him?

Before Jamaica Lane charts the love trials of characters introduced in Samantha Young's bestselling prequel, On Dublin Street, and Down London Road.

I have had this book for review since before it was even released, I know I am such a bad book blogger. Why the hell didn't I read it straight away?!? I honestly have no idea because I adore Samantha's books! I think she is such a talented authors. Her books are always so easy to read and even though this book is a chunky length I devoured it in 2 sittings. It would have been one if I didn't have to go to work and look after The Kid lol!

Before Jamaica Lane is quite possibly my favourite title in the On Dublin Street series. There is  just something so enchanting about the story that I got completely sucked into the lives of these characters. This time we get to focus on Olivia "Liv" and Nate. Olivia is very shy around men. Nate is a complete player but a lovable one. After Olivia moves from America to Edinburgh and is welcomed into the gang she quickly becomes friends with Nate.  Their friendship isn't force it's very natural and as the story progress's it becomes very intense ;) I really like Olivia. She is funny, kind and sweet. Nate is cocky, a player and so bloody hot that it is insane. But the chemistry between these two sizzles off the pages.

As well as reading about Liv and Nate, we get to catch up on all the characters that I had grown to love in the previous books!! The group together really work. They all have individual personalities that they just all fit together perfectly and creates a very strong group of best friends.

I got so invested in these characters story that I felt everything they went through. I laughed and I cried , A LOT! I don't just mean the odd tear I mean full on sobbing!! I was a complete mess. I first started reading this on the bus going into town and I actually burst of laughing in public. People looked at me like I was crazy. If you have the UK Edition of the book go to page 41 and you will see why I ended up doing a real LOL. Now for the crying, oh dear I cried so much through this. At one point I had to stop reading for a few minutes to get calm down, only to pick the book up and start crying again. So if you are a someone who cries easily then be warned this is so emotional!

Before Jamaica Lane is one of those rare books that, even though it was just over 400pages it only took me a few hours to read in total (I read this is 2 sittings). This is mainly because the author is such a beautiful and flawless writer that you actually forget you are reading a book. I swear the whole book played out as a movie in my head. Samantha has created something unique and addictive with, not just this title but all her On Dublin Street novels. Each getting better than the last!!

So if you haven't read this series yet go start them now!!! They are not to be missed! If you have read them then this is a must read.  I can not fault this book at all!!! Now bring on the next book!!!

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