Bookalicious Cover #9

Here at Totally Bookalicious we adore book covers. It's the first thing we see and will make us want to pick up a book and see if it is worth while buying. So Bookalicious Covers is a featured where we show some of the intriguing book covers we come across. Covers are from past and future releases.
Click on the images to take you to the goodreads pages.
Daylighters TheNaturals Control
Unhinged Cruel Beauty Wings
All That Glows Landry Park AWWP 
  Autumn Rose 
It is always hard picking just a few to showcase here but hope you liked this week selection. Share you thoughts on the covers in the comments, spread the love and don't forget to come back next week for more "Bookalicious Covers" 
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  1. Daylighters looks amazing! I really need to that series back up again. And yes, Autumn Rose's cover is lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by :) I have to catch up on the MV. I think I am about 4 books behind. oops!!

    S @ Totally Bookalicious

  3. The design for the Autumn Rose cover is fantastic. Definitely the best of the bunch!

  4. It really is a fab cover isn't it.
    I loved the first book and it's cover and can't wait for this one!!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    S @ Totally Bookalicious


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