**Book Review** The Pleasures of Autumn (The Pleasures Series #3) by Evie Hunter

Reviewed By: Siobhán
Format: E-Arc
Pages: 448
Published: 31st Oct 2013
Publisher:  Penguin
Source: Netgalley Via Publisher
Genre:  Erotica, Romance

When fine arts curator Sinead O'Sullivan is charged with a stealing the Fire of Autumn, a dazzling ruby with a history of violence and treachery, bail is set at one million Swiss francs.

Investigator Niall Moore is hired to stop her fleeing and to find the jewel. Niall knows Sinead's form as the feisty red-head led him a merry dance when their paths crossed once before. Despite the overwhelming sexual chemistry between them, Niall knows that he cannot trust her.

Sinead toys with Niall, refusing to tell him what she knows about the theft. An expert in interrogation, Niall uses every trick of the trade - and every tool in his erotic armoury - to get at the truth. And Sinead - just as well armed - counters his every move with one of her own.

As thief and thief-taker fight for dominance, there can be only be one winner ... but what happens when the stakes are raised and it's no longer just a jewel and Sinead's freedom in play?

Oh My Giddy Aunt!!!!! Evie Hunter has managed to do it again!!! I adore this series (as most of you will know) I devoured the previous books and was so consumed by them that I felt like I was actually a part of that world. And with The Pleasures of Autumn is was no different. I was completely captivated by this wonderful, sexy and exciting story that I forgot all about time and devoured every page, word for word!!

The Pleasures of Autumn is about SInead who has been accused of stealing a priceless jewel, The Fire of Autumn. Hired to find jewel is Niall, an ex-Irish Ranger who will stop at nothing to complete a task. However, when he meets Sinead it becomes clear not everything is as it seems. When the stakes raised and things take a turn for the worst they both start to feel an attraction that they try to fight.

As I mentioned I adored this series. The authors manange to create something so unique and exciting that you can't help fall in love with the characters and the story. Autumn is quite possibly my favourite character in the series. On the outside she appears as a hard working museum curator but underneath she is hiding a secret that is thrilling and a past that is heartbreaking. Niall, oh lordy!! He is a tough guy. Strong and focused on his job. He doesn't get close to people and thinks he will never meet a woman who can be his equal. When these two characters come together it is fireworks, explosive and so much sexual chemistry that I swear the pages were actually sizzling. They seem like the complete opposites from each other but as the story develops you can't help but see just how perfect they fit and pray that they work things out.

The Pleasures of Autumn was really quick to read. Even at over 400 pages I was so engrossed that I read it in two sittings. The authors know how to make magic on paper. They have created something that has the right balance of romance, action, and sexy times!!! The story line in this installment is so thrilling that I was actually sitting on the edge of seat with excitement just waiting to see where the authors will take the story next. There is so many ups and downs and a few twists thrown into the mix that you forgot you are reading a book instead of watching a movie!!

Now I can't review this book without mentioning the sexy times ;) Ladies, you may need a fan to cool you down for this one!!!! It was hot!!! Kinky, steaming and full of passion!!! It is worked into the storyline perfectly. There was never a moment in the story where I thought "oh that sex scene is just there to fill pages". Every touch, every kiss, every single moment is flawless and flows beautifully.

Overall, do I recommend The Pleasures of Autumn? Mmmmmmm.....let me think!!! HELL YES!!! Seriously, if you like your Erotica fiction that has depth and an action packed story line then this book is for you. If you haven't read The Pleasures Series, then you are really missing out. These books I can't recommend enough!!! They are beautifully written, with believable characters and a steam storyline then please go pick these books up. I have said it before about these book but I will say it again,The Pleasures Series has captured my heart, my mind and my soul!!!

Edit: Before I had wrote that I was disappointed that there was no short story to go along with this book like the previous ones. Well.....as you can see from the comments there is a short story and goes live 1st Nov 2013!!!! I am so happy that I could explode!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pleasures Series:

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  1. A Touch of Autumn goes live tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it too.


  2. oh woohooo!!!! I shall edit my review :) Thank you for letting me know!!!!!

    S @ Totally Bookalicious

  3. We had a lot of fun with Touch of Autumn. It's longer than the other ones.

  4. Oh that makes me even more excited!!! I will be stalking amazon at midnight lol.


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