**Book Review** Forever Blue (Ruby Blue #4) by Julie Cassar

*May Contain Spoilers from Previous Books*
Reviewed By: Siobhán
Format: E-Arc
Pages: 222
Published: 9th Oct 2013
Publisher:  Self- Published
Source:  Author for Review
Genre:  YA, Paranormal, Fantasy
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Description: New love, new magical powers and new threats emerge as Ruby discovers more about who she is to become and why the powers at be want her out of the picture. When the flames of the Fire Court threaten to burn those she loves, Ruby must leap into a fiery battle which could change the lives of all those in Fey and alter the fate of the Royal Courts forever. Secrets revealed and lives hang in the balance in this explosive finale to the Ruby Blue Series

Holy Moley Ah Maz Ballz. Julie Cassar has done it yet again. I swear this woman can do no wrong!!! She has created yet another awesome story in the Ruby Blue series. And an explosive conclusion to Ruby’s story!!! I have been a weird reading slump (as most of you will know if you follow me on twitter or facebook lol) so I read this quite slowly so I could enjoy and savor the story because this is the last book in one of my favourite series and I wanted it to last as long as I could.

Ruby and the gang are back and bigger and better than ever!!! Ruby is still one of my favourite protags in the YA genre!! She seriously kick ass. She is tough and strong and so snarky that I feel like she could be my twin lol. She fights for those she loves and always puts their safety before hers. Brennan……..oh my god!! “Prince not-so Charming” is back. I have loved him since book one. He annoys the hell of the Ruby but he freaking adorable and if you have been following the series you know why!!! They are just the cutest ever!!!! Anya isn’t in the story as much but she is full of her lovely awesome self when she does appear. Jeremy….hahaha you gotta love him. He still has the best one liners I have ever seen. I want him as a friend for myself.

Forever Blue is the final installment and let me tell you, Julie has out done herself. I always worry when Julie asks me to review her books because I always think “How can it get any better” And with each book they do get better and better. Forever Blue is the best the series. Julie has brought back our favourite characters and introduced us to a whole host of new one. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the readers interested. And what YA read isn’t complete without some Romance!! Yeah that’s right it will make you melt. It’s not the sickly sweet love it’s the stuff that will make you weak at the knees. 

We also get to see where Brennan and Anya are from. This was probably my favourite part. The authors attention to detail in describing their home makes it come alive. I felt like I was there experiencing everything alongside Ruby. Usually when authors go into a lot of detail I get bored but Julie just has a way with words that she managed to put a spell on me that made me engrossed and needing to know every little detail to get a full picture in my head.

Do I recommend Forever Blue? HELL YEAH!!! I adored every moment of this book. It lived up to all my expectations and more!! It is action packed, funny, magical and romantic. A Must read if you have been following this series. If you haven’t yet started this series then please give it ago. Julie is an author to watch. Her writing is funny, smart, and so beautiful that it has the power to leave you breathless. 

Ruby Blue Series:
#4. Forever Blue

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  1. Okay. Never heard of this series before but I'd love to meet Prince not-so-Charming. This book sounds fun. I love snarky characters!


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