Book Review: Thin White Line by J.A Templeton

Reviewed By: Siobhán
Format: Kindle Ebook
Pages:  184
Published: 28th April 2013
Publisher: Self Published
Source: Bought
Genre: New Adult, Contemp
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Good girl gone bad…

Kenzie’s picture perfect California life is turned upside down when her father leaves the family for another woman. Within months, she goes from private school and posh beachside living to public school and a sub-par apartment in rainy Washington.

On her first day at her new school, Kenzie is reunited with her cousin Brooke, a rebellious senior who sings in a popular rock band with two of the sexiest men Kenzie has ever met.

Kenzie is soon swept into a world of partying, concerts and tattooed bad boy rockers. Just when she starts to feel like she finally belongs, a single night and a fateful decision changes everything.

For the past few weeks I am been a weird slump. I have been reading but not really enjoying anything apart from the odd short story every now and then. However, as soon as I found this on amazon I knew it was for me. The cover drew me but one line from the blurb had me sold


Thin White Line is about 17 year old Kenzie. She has to move to Washington after her parents divorce. She reconnects with her cousin Brooke who introduces her to the world of rock n roll and drugs. And of course to two sexy men who want Kenzie.

Kenzie, I really liked her. No she isn't perfect. She is a follower and would do anything to fit in. But she is a good kid and  is just dealing with her parents divorce, moving to a new place and fittng in. So she uses drink n drugs to feel numb. I don't judge at all. Hell I have did that "sex, drugs and rock n roll" scene. I know how easy it is to be  sucked in by it. So I could personally relate to Kenzie which doesn't happen very often.

Like most NA reads, we have a kindalove triangle. Ryder....OMG Even though he is rather hot, he is a complete D*ck. He is selfish and uses people. Deklan, awwwww, full of the right kinda of yumminess. He is 22, a drummer and tattooed! Do I need to go on?? I am a sucker for Tattoos. Plus Deklan is an absolute sweetheart. He has seen what drugs can do to people and doesn't want to be apart of that and most importantly doesn't want Kenzie going down that road.

Thin White Line, touches on quite a few serious issues. However,  because the book is so short I think it felt a tad rushed in some parts especially with the scenes that involved the drugs n how it can effect people. But for the most part, Thin White Line is such a fantastic and quick read. It draws you in from the first page which is always a good thing. You will laugh and cry with the characters because the author makes you feel like you are right there with the characters.

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes a quick read that really packs a serious punch. I recommend this to those who are 16+ due the content that may not be suitable for younger readers.

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